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If you're a child of the 1980s, then a Princess Toadstool costume is for you. Having taken on many forms since her original debut, Princess Toadstool has quite a story and is quite a character for anyone to portray.

Who is Princess Toadstool?

Princess Toadstool is the "damsel in distress" of Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. Series of video games made popular in the 1980s. The character was originally known as Princess Peach in Japan when the games first came out, and her name transitioned to Princess Toadstool when games hit the United States.

In various games, she was kidnapped repeatedly by the villainous Bowser and rescued by the Mario Brothers. As Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, it was believed that Princess Toadstool possessed magic powers. As a number of games came out, she was described in a number of ways, including kind, well-mannered and noble. Additionally, she was known as helpful and possessing a pure heart and voice.

Princess Toadstool in the Media

Princess Toadstool didn't just have a career in video games, so to speak. Her character also appeared in a variety of TV shows, cartoons, more video games, imitation dolls and posters.

Typical Princess Toadstool Costume

Although Princess Toadstool's appearance was a bit different in each video game produced, some things remained constant about her appearance. She is always in pink. Never leaving the castle without her sapphire earrings, sapphire broach or her crown encrusted with rubies and sapphires, she was often seen wearing arm-length gloves. In most games, she sported bright red high-heeled shoes with four-inch heels.

Make a Child's Costume

It's pretty easy for a child's costume to be made. If a little girl has a pink party dress, the costume can be based from this. However, a simple pink sheath dress with a sash can also be used for this costume. The sash should be a brighter pink than the dress. A sapphire broach can be made from blue and yellow felt pieces and be actually sewn or pinned onto the dress. Red shoes are a must for the costume. However, high heels are not recommended for children. A tiara can be added for effect and your child is easily converted to Princess Toadstool.

Adult Costumes

Using the same principles, an adult's costume can be made just as easily as a child's can. However, if you're looking for a costume to buy, there are several options out there. Various online sources, costume stores and costume rental vendors sell versions of the Princess Toadstool theme.

The types of Princess Toadstool costumes run the gamut from conservative to sexy to deluxe.

Conservative Costumes

Conservative costumes provide more coverage, have fewer details and, typically, cost less. These are basic costumes without the extras. You can always add your own flair to these costumes with jewelry, additional sashes, gloves, a re-decorated tiara or other items you feel would be appropriate.

Sexy Costumes

Many options are available for a sexy Princess Toadstool costume. Most include a mini-dress constructed of stretch fabric. Typically, the top of the costume is low cut and cleavage bearing, and the skirt of the costume is mid-thigh length or higher. The basic costumes of this sort include a few accessories, but if you're looking for the full deal, you'll want to buy a more expensive costume with more accessories. The Electric Boutique and both offer a Princess Toadstool costume.

Deluxe Costumes

If you're looking to go for the top of the line costume, pick the deluxe costumes that feature all the detailing on the costume, itself, as well as including all the accessories to be a completely decked out Princess Toadstool.

Ways to Make it More Fun

One way to make being Princess Toadstool a little more fun is to bring one of the Super Mario brothers with you (or bring them both). If you're wearing your costume to a party, it would be a lot more fun to dress in tandem, so to speak, with someone else. Going as a couple adds even more excitement to your costume and your portrayal. It even adds a bit of authenticity you might not have on your own.

If you're a product of the 1980s, then the idea of being Princess Toadstool may very much appeal to you. She's a nice, fun and noble character to play. In later game editions, Princess Toadstool developed a stronger personality and did her share of fighting as well. She's a character with whom to be reckoned and a lot of fun to be too. Other individuals having grown up in the 80s, along with you, will think your choice of costumes is unique and full of memories.

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Princess Toadstool Costume