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Princess Costumes

Little Pink Princess

When people think of princess costumes, they often think of Disney. While the Disney princesses are quite popular, there are many other options available.

Choose a Theme

There is no law that says you or your child must dress as a famous princess; there is a whole world beyond Belle, Cinderella, and Snow White. If you would like to put a different spin on your princess outfit, try choosing a theme. Specific time periods or cultures are particularly fun themes for royal costumes. Other, less traditional princess costumes can be great, too.

Renaissance Princess

Renaissance Princess Costume

If you are considering a Renaissance costume, try becoming a Renaissance princess. For this costume, you will need an ankle-length dress in a luxurious material, such as satin or velvet. A lace-up front and puffy sleeves give an even more authentic appearance. Instead of a tiara, try a cone-shaped headpiece with flowing scarf. If you prefer to buy a ready-made costume, try:

Gothic Princess

If you would prefer to be a dark beauty, consider dressing as a gothic princess. A long dress in black with touches of blood red is ideal. Velvet is particularly appropriate. A vampire-styled turned up collar is also a nice touch. Black fingernails and black lipstick are absolute musts with this costume. Other possible accessories include:

Gothic princess
  • Black stilettos or lace-up boots
  • Black lace stockings or fish-net
  • Black choker or dog collar
  • Fingerless gloves
  • Black tiara or ring of thorns
  • Long black wig
  • Pale white makeup

Indian Princess

Although Pocahontas inspired many young girls to dress as Indian princesses, there are many non-Disney Native American outfits available as well. Although truly authentic costumes will vary by tribe, most feature a suede or faux leather dress in tan, beige, or white. Hair should be braided or laced with beads. Turquoise or beaded jewelry, lace-up boots, and a simple headband complete the look. Indian costumes available online include:

Movie Princesses

Some of our favorite princesses have graced the television and bigscreen. For example, Princess Mia of The Princess Diaries is a favorite modern fairy tale. To become a princess in the Mia vein, simply wear an elegant full-skirted dress. Add a classy up-do and a sparkling tiara. For added fun, dress as Mia before her princess makeover-- frizzy hair, nerdy glasses, and a decidedly unsexy schoolgirl costume.Other television and movie princesses worthy of imitation include:

Princess Costumes