Polynesian Tiki Masks

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Perhaps nothing makes people think of the South Pacific more than Polynesian tiki masks. More than just a cultural staple, this historical emblem holds deeper meaning for Polynesians, who believe that the tiki was the first man ever created.

Its exotic roots took hold in the United States, where its popularity grew to such extent that people began to embrace what was known as "Tiki culture." Everything from mugs to torches to clothing to, yes, masks, became commonplace decorative items.

About Polynesian Tiki Masks

Imagine the perfect luau and you'll undoubtedly conjure up images of grass skirts, Hawaiian leis, blooming headdresses, pineapples and roasted pigs over a roaring fire. Luau-inspired parties are usually big hits, and little details like these are exactly why! Costumes make the entire experience even more enjoyable for everyone on the guest list.

Tiki masks can easily get the conversation flowing at any party. That's because they're so unusual, exquisite and intricate in design that they're bound to turn heads and elicit plenty of compliments. However, finding a tiki mask that's as appropriate to wear as it is to show off can be quite a tricky task!

Most Polynesian tiki masks are designed for decorative use. Hand-carved masks, for example, are finished with oil, wax and polish, and make the perfect accessories for a tropical-themed party. Still other masks are created as wall decor, and many are designed specifically with the discerning tiki collector in mind.

Finding a Tiki Mask for your Costume

Don't fret! If you have your heart set on wearing a tiki mask for Halloween or a big party, you'll find just what you're looking for at one of these online costume boutiques.

Tiki Warrior Costume

There's nothing quite like a padded stomach to add an unusual touch to your costume. This unusual tiki warrior costume, available at Spirit Halloween, is ideal for the guy who is brave enough to wear tights and be the life of the party.

The costume set contains a one-piece padded belly and chest, skin tone pants, brown grass skirt, tiki necklace, tiki bracelets and the all-important evil tiki mask. It's available in one size only, and fits up to men's jacket size 44.

Big Kahuna Costume

If you're more the cheerful sort, you probably won't want to wear that evil mask! Show off your goofy side with this playful big Kahuna costume, courtesy of Annie's Costumes. In addition to the happy tiki mask, this set also includes skin tone pants, long brown grass skirt, one-piece padded belly and chest, tiki necklace and tiki bracelets. It's available in one size only and fits up to men's jacket size 44.

Tiki Warrior Mask

Unless you're quite a crafty individual, you probably aren't going to be creating your own tiki mask anytime soon. However, you might be more interested in planning the bulk of your outfit yourself instead of purchasing a costume set. In that case, consider splurging on the tiki warrior mask from Luau Costumes.This eye-catching mask is highly detailed! From its sharp, pointy teeth and bold red and yellow eyes to its flat head and evil face, this mask is memorable and genuine. Complete your outfit with the right clothing and accessories for a perfectly authentic costume.

Tiki Bandana Mask

If you're looking for something less restrictive than a regular mask, you'll find nothing more comfortable than a bandana. This clever tiki bandana mask, available at November Fire, is a unique way to incorporate the classic tiki face into your costume. Constructed of soft, stretchy T-shirt material, this half-bandanna features a silk-screened tiki image. Just wrap it around the lower half of your face and affix the Velcro closure at the back of your head.

Another Alternative

You can still pay homage to the tiki culture even if a mask doesn't work out for you. Consider wearing this playful tiki drink costume - with a straw poking out of one shoulder and an orange slice perched on the other, you'll have people flocking to you just to get a closer look at your tiki mask body!

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Polynesian Tiki Masks