Pirate Wench Costume Accessories

A pirate wench must have all the tools of the trade

Some costumes are all about the extras, and pirate wench costume accessories are a lot of fun to play with. Much like a peasant costume for a Renaissance Festival, you can never have too many items hanging from your belt when you're a pirate wench.

Ideas for Pirate Wench Costume Accessories

Weapons, of course, are the most obvious pirate wench costume accessories, and it's very easy to get prop swords, pistols and daggers. Any decent costume shop will have them in store year-round. A pirate wench could also sport an eye patch, although these are traditionally the province of the men. The same goes for a parrot, but there is no good reason why a parrot shouldn't sit as proudly on a female shoulder as that of a male.

However, you can also add as many accessories as feel right to you, and the sort of wench you are. You can wear a belt like that of the Renaissance peasant and hang any number of items from it. A money pouch is a good start - all successful pirates have a fortune in gold and a sturdy wench should have that gold on her person. How else are you supposed to buy meat and ale? Speaking of ale, a tankard is another great accessory. You may be a wench, but you are your own woman and don't want to rely on a man to fetch you something to drink. You should have a fine pewter ale of your own to hold out when drinks are being passed around. A whip can be of some use - life on a pirate ship isn't easy and you have to keep the men in line. Threatening them with your dagger only works to a point - a wench who's going to thrive needs to be able to show she means business and a good throttle with a whip does wonders to improve behavior and keep one's partner away from other wenches.

You also want to remind your man why he likes you so much, so a feather on a stick is a grand accessory - tickle him with it once and he'll want more for sure.

Jewelry is another fine accessory. Male pirates wear earrings, and so can the ladies. A pirate's wealth needs to be portable, so rings, necklaces and bracelets are a way of toting one's fortune easily. A smart wench will sew jewels into her belt so that they are less easily lifted by a scheming enemy.

Shopping for Accessories

There are no end of costume shops that will have a great selection of accessories, but for one-stop-shopping and a few really cool things, you can't beat Pirate Wench Costume. As the name says, it specializes in all sorts of great clothes for the aspiring wench. The toy pistols it has on offer are especially good for what they are and you can also get turbans, sashes and telescopes as well as hats and bandanas.

You should also look at Dress Like a Pirate, which has an especially fine collection of clothes and some great pirate wench costume accessories, as well as a long list of suggestions for what you might like. Leather bracelets to protect the wrists in swordplay, maps, pendants, even a treasure chest if you're hosting a pirate party - there are all sorts of things to be had and many sources online for finding them.

If you really get into it and need to do yet more, consider a subscription to Pirates Magazine. You will find yourself in a like-minded community without ever having to hit the high seas.

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Pirate Wench Costume Accessories