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Pirate Costumes


Pirate costumes can be great choices for Halloween, costume parties or National Talk Like a Pirate Day. Men, women, children and even babies will have plenty of inspiration and looks to choose from to get a pirate costume that matches the look they want to portray.

Pirate Boy Captain


There are many different incarnations of pirates, but one of the more popular looks for boys is the pirate chief or captain. Complete with an eye patch and mustache, this pirate costume works well with or without a pirate's tri-cornered hat.

Pirate Sailor Boy Costume


Boy pirates may also want to dress as one of the pirate crew. With a striped shirt, loose pants and an eye patch this is an easy costume to put together. A sword and a pistol help to complete the look.

Girl Pirate Costume


Pirate costumes don't have to conjure up a swaggering male captain; this feminine pirate costume is perfect for young girls. The jacket-style shirt laces up the front for an old-fashioned touch while preserving modesty. The belled sleeves help bring some glamour to the look.

Girl Pirate Captain Costume


Girls don't have to roam the seven seas in a skirt if that's not the type of pirate they are. A long tunic belted over an oversized, ruffled blouse gives girls the freedom to roam where they want no matter what the conditions.

Teen Girl Pirate


Teen girls can dress up their pirate costumes with a little color. This blue jacket over a ruffled blouse makes a bold pirate statement. Pair it with black pants or a skirt depending upon the type of pirate you are.

Teen Boy Pirate


Pull together a masculine -but simple- costume for teenage pirate boys. A button down shirt paired with a vest, black pants, boots and a tri-cornered hat give a pirate teen a reason to swagger.

Baby Pirate Costume


Even the youngest pirates can dress the part with a black vest worn over a striped shirt and black pants. Add either a scarf or a black hat to complete the look.

Toddler Girl Pirate Costume


This toddler girl pirate costume belts a red tunic over a white blouse and stripped skirt. Stripped tights help complete the look.

Woman's Pirate Costume


This woman's pirate costume is inspired by a pirate captain's coat. Belted tightly, the coat becomes a dress with matching material acting as boot tops.

Tough Sexy Woman's Pirate Costume


If fighting in a dress isn't your thing, consider this tough, sexy woman's pirate costume. A short white blouse bares the midriff, while a bolero-style leather jacket covers the arms. A leather sash crosses the body to hold a shrunken head, while a scarf acts as a belt around the hips.

Debonair Pirate


Men's pirate costumes don't have to be about fighting or glory. Sometimes they can be dedicated to romance. This ruffled lace and velvet pirate costume conjures the image of a conquering pirate hero, rather than a plundering one.

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Pirate Costume Pictures