Peacock Halloween Costumes

A peacock costume can be exotic, even with minimal plumage.

If you're looking for a costume that will really turn heads, consider using a peacock costume. Peacocks are known for their lush and showy tail feathers; emulating one is sure to get you all the attention the peacock usually enjoys.

Shop for Peacock Halloween Costumes

There are several choices available for peacock costumes in sizes ranging from infant to adult.

Baby and Toddler Costume

Baby/Toddler Peacock Costume
Baby/Toddler Peacock Costume

While all babies turn heads, make sure yours stands out in a baby and toddler peacock costume. A loose fitting body suit hooks and secures the tail in back for easy navigation or for wearing up or down, while the separate head piece can be removed entirely. Available in sizes 6mos to 2T.

Child Costume

This colorful costume for kids features a one-piece body suit with hood. Colorful stripes across the middle help lend some fun to the design while the peacock's head sits on top of your child's. The wings attach at the back and have straps for the arms to go through to help your child take flight. Available 6mos to 4T.

Tween Costume

If your child has outgrown jumpsuits but isn't old enough for short skirts, there is a tween peacock costume that fits the bill. This dress features "feathers" sewn around the waist of a thigh length dress with cap sleeves.

Adult Costumes

There are many adult costumes on the market in the peacock style. These include:

  • Elegant Peacock - A corset-style dress with hi-low hem full skirt, layered gossamer sleeves, and a feather head accessory.
  • The Sexy Peacock - A short dress with tulle skirt and feathers on the front and back.
  • Standard Peacock - A more colorful and subdued version with a short dress with embellished front and detachable tail.

Make Your Own Peacock Halloween Costume

Homemade peacock costume
A few feathers and the right color combo can make a great peacock costume.

Before you think that turning yourself into a peacock sounds like a headache even for a professional costumer, bear in mind that the idea is about beautiful, exotic plumage, rather than looking like a distinctive bird. Any craft or sewing shop will have peacock feathers available for purchase and you can then accessorize with however you like.

Here's a simple way to look like a sultry peacock:

  1. Find a fitted dress in either teal or deep blue, or even purple.
  2. Lay small or short peacock feathers across the bodice, and attach with a hot glue gun.
  3. Create a fan out of larger feathers, binding the edges together at the bottom with ribbon that complements the dress.
  4. Sew the ribbon onto the backside of the dress, just at the small of your back so you won't sit on your "tail" as you sit down. It's OK to stich over the feathers as well, to help hold them in place; just fan them out slightly inside the ribbon first, to get a flat line of them against the back of the dress.
  5. For extra sparkle, add gold embroidery trim.

Take a page from the masked balls so popular during the Italian Renaissance and wear a masquerade mask. You can find pretty and enticing peacock masks all over the Internet. Here are a few good sources:

Nothing quite suit your fancy? Again, try making your own. A basic black mask can be bought anywhere and all you need to turn it fabulous is a stash of peacock feathers, sequins, beads, glue and imagination.

Wear Your Plumage with Pride

There is no question that the peacock is one showy animal. When you don his feathers, make sure to don his attitude, too, and wear your peacock tail with pride.

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Peacock Halloween Costumes