Patterns for Elf Costume

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Home-crafted Lord of The Rings-inspired elf dress

Patterns for elf costumes can be used to create costumes for many occasions, inlcuding Christmas plays, Lord of the Rings re-enactments, and Halloween events (to name just a few). Find patterns for elf costumes accessories that you can make yourself and you'll be on your way to creating a budget-friendly outfit for your next dress up occasion.

Free Patterns for Elf Costume

If you're looking for free patterns for elf costumes, you can find what you are looking for on the following websites. While the styles are very simplistic, you can easily create an affordable elf outfit using one of these options very quickly.

  • How to Make an Elf Costume - includes step-by-step instructions on how to make a simple elf costume in an afternoon using oversized t-shirts as patterns and adding felt and bric-a-brac embellishments. This option is perfect for busy moms who have to make a costume on the fly.
  • How to Make a Child's Elf Costume - easy to follow instructions on how to make an elf costume from felt and items from a thrift store.

Adult Elf Costume Patterns

Simplicity pattern 9891
Simplicity 9891 Sew Pattern

Adult re-enactors and those involved in theatrical productions sometimes need elf costumes, but they may have difficulty finding free patterns for these projects. These types of costumes (such as fantasy elf costumes) tend to be fairly elaborate, requiring detailed costume pieces and accessories. The best way to make costumes of this caliber is to purchase detailed patterns from your favorite local fabric store or through pattern companies on the Internet.

Adult Women Costume Patterns

  • Lord of the Rings - this website has instructions, patterns and more for creating elf costumes similar to those from the famed movie.
  • Simplicity 9891 - three variations of a woman's elf dress from the Lord of the Rings movie.
  • Simplicity 9887 - contains elf princess costume as well as three costumes for elf men.
  • Simplicity 9454 - includes patterns for five variations for a beautiful dress for an elf or sprite, headdress and wings.
  • Butterick 4377 - contains patterns for an elf princess dress and cape.

Adult Men Costume Patterns

  • elfmen.jpg
    Simplicity 4942
    Simplicity 4393 - think Will Ferrell in Elf. This costume would be perfect for a Christmas theater production.
  • Simplicity 4942 - recreate Lord of the Rings elf costumes for Elrond, Legolass and Theoden characters.
  • Simplicity 9887 - contains three costumes for elf men including capes, tunics, hats and cloaks.
  • Simplicity 4085 - includes three different versions for elf warriors. Costumes based on the Lord of the Rings characters.

Child Elf Costume Patterns

Many children like to dress up as elves, especially if they will be in a Christmas play. There are many child elf costume patterns available from specialty fabric stores, online retailers, and via eBay.

  • toddler elf costume
    Simplicity Sewing Pattern 2537 Toddler Costumes
    Simplicity 9944 - this style is for a tunic and pants outfit with ears and horns. Fits girl's sizes 7-14.
  • Simplicity 5523 - this pattern is for a child's elf fairy costume. Fits toddler and girl's sizes 3-8.
  • McCalls 5496 - a pattern for girl fairy elves. Fits sizes 2-5.
  • Simplicity 2537 - a toddler pattern for a cute little elf. Fits sizes 6 months to 4.
  • Butterick 4632 - a child's pattern for a Peter Pan-like costume. Fits boys or girls sizes 7-10.
  • McCalls 8787 - includes patterns for an elf and gnome. Fits children sizes 6-8.
  • McCalls 4622 - includes a pattern for an elfin princess. Fits girls sizes 3-8.

Elf Costume Accessories

Not all commercial patterns include the elf costume accessories, such as ears, hats and shoes. Here are a few free patterns that you can use to create props for children's and adult elf costumes.

  • Elven Shoes - super fast and cheap to make elf shoes. Made from plastic bags, duct tape, glue and some fabric. This pattern can be used for kids or adults.
  • Elf Ears - instructions on how to make elf ears from band aids, moleskin material, scar wax and craft foam.
  • Elf Hats - this site has patterns and instructions for 8 different elf hats.

Costume Tips

The following tips will help to ensure the success of your costume project:

  • Measure the person who will be wearing the costume before you buy or copy any patterns. Nothing is more disappointing than spending hours on a costume and finding out it doesn't fit.
  • Buy all of your supplies early. Fabric stores often sell out of popular items early during Halloween and Christmas. Red, white, green and brown felt often sell out early during these busy seasons.
  • Allow plenty of time to make a costume, especially if you are inexperienced. It may take 8-10 days to make a simple costume and even longer for ones with special details or beading.
  • Try on the costume before finishing the seams so adjustments can easily be made.
  • Always apply make-up after you have put your costume on to avoid any stains or marks on the fabric.

Above all, enjoy all your hard work and take plenty of photos!

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Patterns for Elf Costume