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Nurse Costumes: Naughty or Nice?

Nurse costumes are very popular at Halloween or as outfits for any costume party. There are two fundamentally different types of nurse costumes available. The first is a costume that depicts a regular nurse who works in a doctor's office or a hospital. The second is one that portrays a fictional type of "sexy" or "naughty" nurse.

Traditional Costumes

A costume that is basically the same as a nurse's uniform is very popular and easy to find in various costume stores. The traditional costume normally consists of a white dress or pants and shirt set, some sort of apron or smock, and a nurse's hat or head covering. A stethoscope, a clipboard, or a thermometer may also accompany the costume.

Most adults or children who choose to dress as a nurse for Halloween or for a costume party do so because the attire is very recognizable and conventional. This is a type of costume that can be passed down from generation to generation and never go out of style.

Sexy Costumes

Sexy Nurse Costume

Some costume stores sell both the traditional and the sexy versions of nurse outfits. However, there are some stores, such as Sexiest, which specialize in risqué costumes. These outlets are where the most outrageous costumes can usually be found.Most sexy nurse uniforms are made to fit adults, and they should only be worn to parties or locations where minors will not be present. Some of the sexiest versions of nurse outfits can be very provocative, low cut, and they can show off areas of the body in ways that are not appropriate for children to see.

Naughty Costumes

Naughty nurse outfits take the sexy costume one step further. Naughty costumes are often very sexy, but the person wearing the outfit must also use her accessories during the party. For example, a naughty nurse may use her stethoscope to very closely check a man's heartbeat in a sexy manner. Then, she may give him some "medicine" that she brought with her to make him feel better. Basically, a naughty nurse acts the part while she's dressed in her sexy costume.

Make the Costume Funny

Whether a traditional, sexy or naughty nurse outfit is chosen, it's important to try and make the costume funny with the use of props. The truth is, boring costumes may get a little bit of attention, but creative ones get a lot of impressed looks and comments!

Some examples of accessories that can make the costumes funny are:

  • A large box of enemas
  • A (fake) shot
  • A few cups filled with yellow liquid

Don't Buy It… Make It!

If time is a factor and money is not, nurse costumes can be purchased from any number of costume stores either locally or online such as at Halloween Mart and Annie's Costumes. However, for anyone who has a little bit of time to spare, a nurse uniform can be easily pieced together with minimal effort.

A white dress, white skirt and white shirt, or white pants and white shirt can all be used to create a nurse's outfit. If all white pieces are not owned, they can be borrowed or possibly purchased from a local thrift store.

A white bandana can be placed on the head to give the illusion of a nurse's hat, and white shoes with white tights or socks can also be worn. A traditional nurse's hat can be easily made by following a few directions. Free patterns are available at

If you don't own a pair of white shoes, take a pair of old shoes and spray paint them.

Remember that the most important part of a nurse outfit is the accessories. Make sure to borrow a real stethoscope or wear a fake one, and try to carry some silly props to make the costume a bit more entertaining.

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Nurse Costumes