Nightmare from Soul Calibur Halloween Costume

Soul Calibur

A Nightmare from Soul Calibur Halloween costume is sure to turn heads with its size and detail.

The Game and the Character

Soul Calibur is a fighting game series from Namco, first released as an arcade title in 1996. Soul Calibur IV, was released in 2008. The Soul Calibur of the title is a powerful and sentient sword working for the forces of good in the world; it was created to counter the evil Soul Edge blade. The main character of the series is Siegfried, a traditional "knight in shining armor." Although he wields Soul Calibur, at a key point in the series he picks up Soul Edge and becomes a dark and twisted version of himself known as Nightmare.

Designing a Nightmare from Soul Calibur Halloween Costume

Nightmare from Soul Calibur is such a detailed costume that it is not for the novice costume designer. An image of the character as he appears in Soul Calibur IV illustrates the complexity of his design. As such, it may not be a practical choice for a Halloween costume, unless you are also into cosplay.

Entering the Realm of Cosplay

Cosplay is the term used to describe fans dressing up as characters from their favorite movies, television series, and games. The practice is especially prevalent among fans of science fiction, fantasy, Japanese anime and manga. Cosplayers wear their creations to conventions, such as Comic Con and Anime Expo, and post pictures to share their looks with like minded fans online.


Images of costumes others have created, such as these Nightmare costume photos from individual users at, are a useful resource in designing your own costume. The forums at are also a good source for ideas and feedback as you try to construct your own Nightmare costume. There are sub-forums dedicated to makeup, wigs, props, critiques from other users, and more. American Cosplay Paradise is a similar site where you can find Nightmare cosplay pictures. This site also includes forums where site members can gather to share their ideas and tips for costume construction.


  • Cardboard can be used to construct surprisingly authentic costumes and props. Although the instructions are for creating a Star Wars Boba Fett helmet, the basic concepts presented at How to Make a Cardboard Costume Helmet will help you understand the basics of creating a costume from this easily obtainable material. is another resource.
  • Armormaking for the Fiberglass Phobic offers tips on working with styrene, thin plastic sheets that can be constructed into costumes, along with foam and other materials. In addition, the site's editor sells two books on the topic, if you're interested in delving further into her unique methods.
  • If you're not "fiberglass phobic", check out a fiberglass tutorial for general tips on working with the material.
  • Wonderflex is another potential construction material, especially good for creating curved pieces. Read the Wonderflex with Friendly Plastic FAQ for more information on getting started. For yet another option, Friendly Plastic is a material similar in texture to Wonderflex. However, instead of being sold in sheets as Wonderflex is, Friendly Plastic comes in pellets and sticks that can be sculpted into your own unique design.

Purchasing a Nightmare Costume

If these ideas seem far beyond your crafting abilities, you may still be able to enjoy a Nightmare from Soul Calibur Halloween Costume. Although there are no commercially produced Nightmare costumes, it is still possible to purchase a costume. In the world of cosplay, hiring someone to create a costume or prop for you is known as commissioning. Visit the following sites to investigate the possibilities:

  • While visiting the forums at and American Cosplay Paradise, stop by the marketplace for existing costume pieces for sale and members willing to accept commissions.
  • The Pro Cosplay Shop features ads from a list of experienced cosplayers, divided by country and state. Clicking on a name will take you to their member page so you can see their abilities and interests. For Nightmare, you will want to find someone experienced with armor and props creation.
  • The Cosplay/Anime Costuming and Masquerade Links Site offers a list of commercial sites and individual cosplayers willing to construct costumes for others.

With a Nightmare from Soul Calibur Halloween costume, you're sure to turn heads, whether you're walking the halls of an anime convention or going door to door for sweet treats on October 31st.

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Nightmare from Soul Calibur Halloween Costume