Naughty Halloween Costumes

Naughty Halloween Costumes

Adults-only parties are the perfect place to pull out your she-devil or French maid costume or the other naughty Halloween costumes you have in your closet. These classic adult costumes are conversation starters and can garner attention from the opposite sex.

Classic Naughty Halloween Costumes


Nothing tempts men like women dressed as devils. This costume, which is inexpensive to put together, suggests that the wearer is up for anything, even if it is a bit risqué. Stores, such as Halloween Express, have full costumes available. You can also make these costumes with a red cape and tights, along with a leotard. Add a red headband or get a pitchfork, and you are the classic Halloween devil.

French Maid

Doubling as a temptress for her boss, the French maid is likely one of the most recognizable naughty Halloween costumes on the market. She wears a miniscule black skirt with a maid's top. Putting together this outfit on your own will mean a trip to a housecleaning store and maybe some sewing skills. Complete this costume with a feather duster for an accessory and bone up on your Parisian accent.

The Escort

Usually only the costume of choice among college-aged party-goers, dressing as a high-end prostitute, or escort, can be a fun way to spend Halloween. Women can wear clothes they wouldn't dream of wearing in their everyday lives and can experience the sexy excitement of being a prostitute for the night. Of course, some Halloween partiers opt for the less flattering "hooker" look, which also draws attention.

A Few Other Ideas

[[Image:Sultry-wig.jpg|190px|right|thumb|Check out our French Maid Costume Gallery|[[Slideshow:French_Maid_Gallery]|French Maid Costumes]]]] Just because these classics are out there doesn't mean they are the only choices. These costumes also lend themselves to a bit of naughtiness.

  • Nurse: The nurse costume can be a traditional and kid-friendly costume, but with the right attitude and skirt length, it also is a fantasy naughty costume.
  • Hippie: Hippies can be straight costumes, but you can jazz it up with a little free love attitude. A shorter top and tighter hip huggers will do the trick.
  • The Professor: Academics, librarians, and other images of smart women are easy to turn into wayward characters with the right skirt and shoes.
  • Catholic Schoolgirl: Catholic schoolgirls still enter into most men's fantasy lives at some point, and this costume is the perfect way to feed that fantasy safely. The traditional pleated skirt is now a mainstay in retail fashion. Pigtails and knee socks round out this archetypal costume.

Rules for the Naughty Costume

Wearing one of these naughty Halloween costumes is meant to be fun. Be sure that you are wearing it somewhere where there will be no children around and there will not be adults who are offended by the costuming. While you may think it's cute, your friend's Aunt Ruth may not. Be sure that you know the audience for the party. Showing up as a French maid when everyone else is a Disney character can be humiliating.

Be ready to adjust the costume if needed. Most of the time, you can alter the costume a bit if you need to do so to be appropriate. Slip on a longer skirt over one of the maid or nurse costumes. Bring a shawl if you are a hippie. Use these cover-ups when you are in transit and if needed when you arrive.

These costumes work best if you are "in character" all night. Though you may want to stop to have a normal conversation, be aware that most people will respond to you as if you are that repressed academic. That's part of the fun. Don't be offended; remember, you picked the character.

Naughty Costumes for Men

Women aren't the only ones who can be naughty on Halloween. Men can dress as women, whether they're they sexy porn star or Grandma, to be a little naughty. Male prostitutes and cross dressers also make good choices - and cheap ones if you can find a woman your size who will let you borrow her clothes. Men can dress to complement their naughty female counterparts. Go to the party as a doctor with your nurse or be the parochial school's headmaster.

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Naughty Halloween Costumes