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During the holiday season, nativity costumes are in high demand! Let's take a look at the types of outfits available and where to find them.

Dressing the Part

The perfect nativity scene relies heavily one particular thing: great costumes. Without authentic outfits that perfectly capture the spirit and tradition of the story, the scene simply wouldn't be the same. Imagine a nativity scene without, for example, robes, headpieces or sandals. While a school performance might not require an extremely complex costume setup, the show will benefit immensely if all of the cast members dress to the hilt!

These costumes aren't just for the kids, though. Even adults may want to take advantage of an authentic nativity outfit. Whether it's for a costume party or a special event at a school or church, there are plenty of resources available to make your costume as convincing as it can be. The ideal costume isn't just about the clothes - in this case, it's the accessories that make the outfit stand out!

Types of Nativity Costumes

These days, there are costumes available for nearly every conceivable event, public figure and fictional character in the world. Nativity costumes, in particular, are extremely common and popular. The holiday season brings with it a slew of school Christmas pageants, holiday parties and church events. What better excuse to don an accurate costume that truly reflects the depiction of the historical scene?

Costumes and Accessories for Adults

You'll find many religious costumes for adults at online boutiques and at costume stores. Here are just a few selections to get you started on the path to costume perfection.

  • This Virgin Mary costume is authentic from head to toe. It includes a full length, long sleeve, white tunic and a lengthy blue shoulder scarf. One size fits most adult sizes 6-14.
  • This Wise Man costume comes complete with everything you need to set the right tone. A full length, long sleeve, dark brown tunic, light brown belt (accented with a gold stud) and beige and gold collar are included.
  • Available in several sizes, this shepherd costume is sure to turn heads with its full length, tan and dark brown robe, dark brown overcoat and brown print headpiece.

Costumes and Accessories for Kids

When it comes to Biblical costumes, there's a "one for you, one for me" mentality. For every costume you may come across in an adult size, there's a similar style available in a child size.

  • A wise man costume like this one includes everything a child needs to look the part. A full length tunic and short sleeve vest are included, but the accessories aren't. Be sure to remember the crown!
  • Try this authentic Virgin Mary costume for your child's holiday performance. With its colorful robe, headpiece and waist tie cord, it's the perfect choice.
  • Whether your child is actually portraying a shepherd or Joseph, this shepherd costume fits the bill nicely with its white (or off-white) tunic, brown overcoat and waist tie cord. It's available in three sizes.

Where to Purchase

In addition to the boutiques already mentioned, you can also find a wide range of costumes for adults and children at:

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Nativity Costumes