Mrs. Claus Costumes

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Everyone knows you can't have Christmas without Santa Claus, but Mrs. Claus costumes are also popular. If you'd like to dress up as the woman behind the man for a Christmas party, Halloween or any other occasion, here's all you need to know.

Who Is Mrs. Claus?

There's not a lot of information about Mrs. Claus in the stories about Santa and his elves. We know that Mrs. Claus is married to Santa and lives with him at the North Pole.

She's usually portrayed as a white-haired, often rotund, elderly woman, with little glasses, a long dress and an apron. Some of the Mrs. Claus costumes that you can buy today look more like a Santa outfit made into a dress. They are red with a white hem, collar and cuffs and are often cut shorter than the traditional Mrs. Claus costumes.

Traditional Mrs. Claus Costumes

The traditional Mrs. Claus costume is usually also red and includes a floor-length sack-style dress and a white wig. The costume sometimes includes an apron, or an apron can be purchased separately. Mrs. Claus costumes are often finished off with a white bonnet or hat, granny glasses, black, red or white tights and black shoes.

Sexy Mrs. Claus Costumes

There are also less traditional Mrs. Claus costumes that can be purchased from costume shops or online that might be described as downright sexy.These costumes feature a shorter skirt, a more tailored look, and sometimes a Santa hat or a wide black belt just like Santa's.

A funny Halloween costume involving these Mrs. Claus costumes would be a regular Santa along with a sexy Mrs. Claus who could be his trophy wife. It should be noted, however, that some of the sexy Mrs. Claus outfits are not suitable to wear around children.

Sources for Mrs. Claus Costumes

There are many online outlets where you can find Mrs. Claus costumes. Expect to pay between $30 and $300 ,depending on the amount of fabric, detailing and extras included with the costumes. Many of the costumes are on the higher end of that scale. Here are some sources to check out:

Making Your Own Mrs. Claus Costume

If you want to go for the authentic look of Mrs. Claus to work with a mall Santa or at a high-end holiday party, you'll want to go with a purchased outfit. These are often very high quality and professional grade, but they're also quite expensive. If you'd like to go as Mrs. Claus without the expense, wear any long red dress that you have. If you can stuff a little extra padding in, so much the better. Buy a white wig if you can, or use a white bonnet or mop hat to cover your hair. Add some wire-rimmed glasses if you have them, tights and black shoes. Top it off with a white apron and you'll be ready to go.

If you don't have a red dress that is suitable, try visiting a secondhand store to find a "grandmotherly" dress of any color. Again, if you can buy one that's a little big and pad with pillows or stuffing, that's better. If you're going for a non-red dress, be sure to wear a Santa hat so people will know who you are.

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Mrs. Claus Costumes