Movie Star Costume Ideas

Movie Star Costume Ideas

In a search for movie star costume ideas, Angela Bassett is fantastic place to get started. The much photographed actress offers a variety of styles to emulate. This simple red gown with gemmed accents on the straps and bodice is elegant touch to style.

Angelina: Sharp, Modern and Now

The much photographed Angelina Jolie utilizes the popular little black dress. Jolie favors minimal jewelry, often choosing either a fine necklace or oversized, but heavily gemmed earrings.

Jolie is the image of health. Her earthy appeal is furthered by her devotion to children both her own and children around the world. Her simple, yet elegant choices reflect her modern film and celebrity persona.

Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington's everyman charm is coupled with sex appeal and a warm twinkle. His multitude of roles and devotion to his family adds to his personal attraction.

Denzel looks fine in a black tie or in a turtleneck. The twinkling eyes and charming smile is important when considering this movie star costume idea.

George Clooney

The doctor is in or in this case, the much beloved bachelor of Hollywood enjoys his salt-and-pepper hair, dressed down evening wear and fabulous smile. Clooney's hair is as much a part of his look as his grin.

Halle Berry

Shown arriving for an awards ceremony, Halle Berry is the picture of aristocratic grace. She does justice to the little black dress with a simple, yet boyish haircut that shows off her fabulous cheekbones and exotic bone structure. Berry, like Bassett and Jolie, is a very physical presence.

Jodie Foster and Holly Hunter

These Oscar winning beauties are known for their strength every bit as much as their looks. Hunter's long, wind tossed hair combined with soft pastel cocktail dresses gives her a subtle glamour. Foster's bolder choices includes clean lines and shimmery fabrics.

Julia Roberts

America's sweetheart remains a popular and glamorous favorite. The wild tumble of red hair and Pretty Woman image follows the actress despite the intervening years. Roberts favors the longer sheath dresses with splits on the left or the right.

Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butle

Katherine Heigl's ethereal looks, golden hair and colorful dress choices remain popular for move star costume ideas that embrace the classic actress look. Gerard Butler's star is on the rise and men would do well to emulate his rugged looks and casual business wear.

Meryl Streep and Sophia Loren

These gorgeous women remain classic icons to beauty. Streep favors simple choices whether dressed to the nines or hanging out in casual pantsuits. Their more rubinesque figures are appealing. Loren's glamour reflects the vivacious actress while Streep's simpler choices are no less elegant.

Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller's golden looks is enhanced by this full body sheath of pale, shimmery gold. Like Veronica Lake and Kim Basinger before her, Miller offers fans a classic look to embrace when seeking a famous celebrity costume idea.

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Movie Star Costume Ideas