Mermaid Costume Patterns

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If you have the time, talent and the means, mermaid costume patterns are a great way to save money while creating a sea-worthy ensemble for a costume party or other dress up event.

About Mermaid Costume Patterns

Mermaids are a favorite costume amongst women for many reasons. Their mythical presence is always awe-inducing, as women can flaunt some of their favorite feminine features and assets. Whether you've longed for a luscious mane or adore all things sparkly and ethereal, a mermaid costume pattern is the perfect way to use your sewing skills while creating a unique, one of a kind costume.

Most mermaid costumes are available in a variety of sizes, including infant, toddler, children and adult. Sizing a costume correctly is very important when creating a mermaid suit. A typical mermaid costume design pattern will include a fitted bodice and fishtail, both of which can be problematic if they end up ill-fitting. Proper measurements are crucial for mermaid costumes. In addition, fabric selection is very important. Certain fabrics will hold up better and shape and smooth the mermaid physique while adding a much needed punch of sparkle.

If you have trouble tracking down an authentic mermaid costume, you can get creative and piece together several sewing patterns. A long fishtail skirt pattern can be used in lieu of an authentic costume pattern, while an adult lingerie corset can be worked with to create the upper portion of your mermaid. If you're up to showing some skin, you can even opt for a solid bandeau bikini top in a pinch.

The following Internet sites offer a variety of mermaid patterns:

Enhance Your Costume

Once you've sewn up the perfect mermaid garment, you'll want to enhance your mermaid look with special effect makeup and hair. Wigs are available in nearly every different color of the rainbow, so feel free to go exotic and opt for a playful pink or purple wig for a playful look, or keep it traditional and opt for a red, blonde or brunette flowing style for a classic mermaid look.

Special effect makeup and enhancements include false eyelashes, sparkle eye shadows, and glitter sprays, all of which will create an ethereal and opulent shimmer that helps define your unique look.

Get Creative

Just because you choose a mermaid pattern doesn't mean you can't get creative and change the look from the original pattern design. Mermaids are entirely unique, so use this opportunity as a spell-binding way to show off your creative side. Choose fabrics that flatter your skin tone, and opt for a fishtail that works with your body shape and height. If you're worried about walking underneath the tail, simply pair your costume with a pair of nude or pink tone ballet flats which will ensure your costume comfort while keeping your look feminine.

Mermaids are a great choice for pool parties, Halloween parties, and are even considered a sexy costume choice. If you have the time to sew your own mermaid creation, you're bound to find a reason time and time again to make a splash at the next costume party donning your fish suit!

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Mermaid Costume Patterns