Mermaid Costume

green mermaid costume

Don't let a fishtail get in the way of a fabulous mermaid costume. They are easy to find and offer a beautiful option for women who want a sensual costume without being too sexy. In fact, you can even make your own mermaid costume if you are crafty.

Traditional Mermaid Costumes

For the most basic costume, consider looking for one that is representative of a traditional realistic mermaid. These costume parts will consist of:

  • Top: This may be a string shell top, similar to a bikini, or a full coverage top with a shell design over the chest area. Alternatively, some traditional costumes use a top with a green scale pattern.
  • Tail: Most mermaids have a bright green tail with scales that begins at their waist. Sometimes it may be shiny.
  • Hair: Mermaids are almost always depicted with long, flowing hair. Most women with shorter hair will don a wig to get the traditional look.

Variations on the traditional costume are usually available at costume rental shops or at Halloween discount stores in October.

Personalize Your Mermaid Look

Of course, your costume doesn't have to look like the traditional mermaid at all. There are plenty of ways to add a little flair to your costume without spending a lot of money.

mermaid with yellow tail

Enchanting Ideas

Create a unique mermaid costume by making or buying the following items:

  • Brightly colored fishtail and fins, in neon pink, baby blue or even purple and fuchsia instead of green
  • Sequined shell tops, in bright cherry red or iridescent pearl
  • Long strands of pearls to wear around your neck
  • Wigs with streaks of hair colored to match the rest of the costume
  • Large tiara and wand to be a mermaid princess
  • Body glitter, to give you an ethereal glow

Remember that the costume isn't everything; you will also need your face to match your ensemble. Do mermaid makeup by using a mermaid makeup photo as inspiration for your face. Aqua blue, turquoise, sea green, lavender and gold are all great colors to wear as a mermaid.

Sinister Mermaids

Not all mermaids have to represent the lovely creatures from the sea. Instead, go for a darker look with your mermaid ensemble. Look for a black top with a silver tail and fins. Choose a long, black wig and makeup with a gothic edge to it.

Where to Find Costumes

mermaid on rocks

Costumes are found at costume rental shops and seasonal stores in the fall. Big box retailers usually have a nice selection of costumes, including mermaids, as Halloween nears. Otherwise, you can shop online or sew your own.


Shop at these online stores to find some great options for your mermaid outfit:


Even the most skilled seamstress will need instructions for a homemade costume. Look for mermaid patterns from reputable companies like McCall's. Otherwise, look at mermaid pictures to create your own costume at home using fabric and clothing found around the house.

Fabulous Fish Costume Fashions

A costume that looks like it came straight from the deep sea is often a beatiful choice for any costume or Halloween party. Make sure you personalize your costume so it's the only one like it in the room, whether you buy or make it.

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Mermaid Costume