Medusa Halloween Costumes


For a look that's at once scary and sexy, trick or treaters can try Medusa Halloween costumes. The snake-headed Gorgon had the power to turn men into stone, but your power is going to be much more potent and entertaining.

Shopping for Medusa Halloween Costumes

Even if you're not a big reader of Greek mythology, you probably know about Medusa, and you've certainly seen her image. She was a beauty who was turned into a monster. Her hair was a nest of snakes and her face was said to be so horrifying, the mere sight of it turned men to stone. It's a vivid image, and one that can make for an incredible costume.

Start your search for slinky scariness at Buy Costumes, which has seven adult Medusa costumes to choose from, including:

  • Mystic Medusa: You'll look like a fantastic primordial goddess in this flowing green and silver halter dress with a snug waist, very reminiscent of a Grecian girl. The costume also comes with silver glovettes and more green fabric attached, a snake hair headpiece, and silver leg ties.
  • Medusa Deluxe Adult: A very slinky dark green dress in a Greek style with bold silver trim, a snake armband and a gold snake headpiece make up this costume. Add gold shoes and glitter makeup to make the look sparkle.
  • Medusa Elite Collection Adult: This option features a Grecian gown in deep teal with a shimmery top and open sleeves, trimmed in gold. The snake headpiece is especially slinky and you get a snake necklace for added impact.

There are also three plus size Medusa costumes, so the curvier girls can have the same heart-stopping effect.

Other good sources for shopping include:

Don't forget eBay for those who may have moved on from Medusa and might have only worn their costume once!

Snakes on a Head


You don't need to buy a set dress to have the perfect Medusa Halloween costume. You can wrap yourself in a toga made from a sheet, or you don't even have to be Greek at all. Medusa could be a Goth or punk rocker or whatever you like. But what you do need is the snake hairdo. All manner of Medusa headpieces are available with some careful shopping, and you can look as terrifying as you wish.

The Medusa headpiece available at Halloween Mask features snakes reared up and ready to strike. They lash out in all directions, so you won't be able to dance too closely, but you'll make an impact.

Homemade Medusa Halloween Costumes

Does the thought of making your own costume turn you to stone? It shouldn't, because constructing a Medusa costume can be a lot of fun and a way to be sure you'll turn heads with your unique style.

Since it is all about the snakes, decide early on how elaborate you want to be. Rubber snakes from a joke shop will work best and these can be bought cheaply. You can wind and glue them around a hat base, or even use wire to hold them in place. If you're feeling very ambitious, you can run wire through the snakes' bodies so that they stand up around your head.

You can also buy plastic snakes with joints at most local party shops and wire them to a base. This will be involved, but the snakes will writhe with your every move and that will make all the effort worth it.

As for your dress and makeup, the slinkier the better. A fitted gown in a bold color will be arresting and makeup that sets off the gown and the snakes will guarantee you'll be surrounded by admirers all night long. Be as imaginative as you dare!

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Medusa Halloween Costumes