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Who's that girl?

Masquerade masks are a very popular costume accessory worn for festivals such as Mardi Gras celebrations and Carnivals.

History of Masquerade Masks

Made popular in Italy during the 16th century, masquerade masks are made from varied forms of medium and embellishments.

Venetian masks are the most popular handpainted variety, but the abundance of mask designs makes for an entire world of make believe play.

Commonly worn to conceal the identity of the wearer, masks were once considered the safe way to flirt inconspicuously at a social event.

A masked headpiece!

Fanned masks offer an ornate option for full costumes.

Half masks are simple!

Half masks are a simple accessory that can be worn on many ocassions.

Venetian masks are handcrafted.

A traditional Venetian mask has gilded detailing.

Go for an angelic creation!

Get creative with your costume and pair a feathered mask with angelic wings.

Wild masquerade masks excite!

Not every mask is typical. This horned and latex creation is headturning and creepy!

Dare to be discovered?

When paired with masquerade dresses, a full coverage costume is sure to keep your identity a mystery.

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Masquerade Masks Gallery