Mascot Costumes

Mascot Costumes

Looking for information on mascot costumes? Read on for the best information to make your sports team or corporation a winning bunch!

Why Mascots?

Macot costumes are what helps us to recognize a particular brand or root for a specific team. Where would McDonalds be without Ronald? Notre Dame without the Fighting Irish? Geico without its gecko? Mascots are important! They give us a sense of familiarity and a feeling of relation to a particular team or marketing brand.

Sure, you may feel sorry for the college kids standing outside of the local El Pollo Loco sweating in chicken costumes in the August heat. However, you might not patronize those businesses without the familiar characters. Likewise, you might not buy the merchandise for those particular sports teams were it not for the cute, powerful, or menacing team emblem. Mascots, as goofy as they may be, are important when it comes to generating enthusiasm.

Mascot Costume Safety

There are several things that you should remember when it comes to being safe and effective as a mascot. When you first get your mascot costume, make sure that you inspect the costume to ensure that there are not any parts about to fall off. The last thing that you need is your tail falling off in the middle of the game, or an ear that is ripped that will reveal your own human head to the crowd.

All costumes are like party houses for germs and viruses. Never put on a wet costume. Be sure to spray down the costume with some sort of anti-bacterial agent before you wear it the first time and after each use.

Wearing your Costume

Make sure that you hide! It ruins the whole illusion and fun of being a mascot if someone sees you changing into your bear suit. Don't ruin the facade by letting someone seeing you headless or with the costume unzipped.

Act Like a Mascot

Remember that in oversized mascot costumes, you need to act oversized as well. Being a mascot is all about pumping out the exaggeration, and you need to make things larger than life. Huge movements are vital to the look of the mascot and capturing the crowd's attention. Make sure that even the person in the last row or the person across the room watching the television commercial can see you clearly.

Use a variety of emotions to shake up the crowd and keep them watching. You can't just wave for two hours straight during a game. Jump up and down, overly pout and cry when a team is losing, and consider jabbing various audience members by stealing their hats, high-fiving them, or teasing them in other gentle or fun ways that make them a part of the act.

Become a Professional Mascot

There are people who manage to put together professional resumes as a mascot, and you can definitely do it for a living! Consider getting started at your high school or college games, and then you can progress into the "mascot big leagues," so to speak. There are a lot of opportunities for mascots out there, and wearing mascot costumes every day can be a fun and rewarding experience. There are even mascot camps to get you trained and more into character!

Making people happy is a fun and rewarding profession. Consider hanging onto your mascot costumes and making a career out of it. It could be the fun you've been waiting for!

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Mascot Costumes