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Make a Kiss Costume with Ease!

Whether you want to dress up as the Demon, Starchild, Spaceman, or Catman, the following ideas will help you make a Kiss costume.

Kiss costumes are best worn together in a group of four to represent this wild rock band who infamously wore wigs and black and white makeup to thrill their fans while onstage. Each member had their own look that represented a part of their own identity. While the basic costumes and accessories can be modified to meet the exact criteria of the band member, these basic essentials will ensure you have the coveted look of a Kiss band member.

Get Spaceman's Look

Ace Frehley, also known as Spaceman, wore a variety of futuristic and out-of this-world costumes on stage. To create his look, shop for silver metallic clothing, and pair them with the classic stud and black leather this band infamously wore.

The Must Have Jacket

A black leather jacket will ensure you capture the look of this rocker band. No matter which mate you dress up as, this essential can be worn and will help authenticate your look.

Need Some Studs

Whether you wear your studs on a belt, your boots, or a bracelet, no Kiss costume would be complete without them. Layer on the heavy metal to create a true rocker look.

Get the Hair

A classic 80's inspired rock wig in black is the perfect accessory to make your Kiss costume complete. Without black hair, you will hardly recreate a Kiss look. This is probably the most essential piece in a Kiss costume so make sure you shop early for the best wig selection!

Get the Face

Finally, you'll want face paint to complete your character inspiration. While each bandmate wore a different style of black and white paint, they were never seen without it- so you can't be either! Get the paints and start designing your own Kiss face.

If you opt to make your own costume solo or in a group, a Kiss idea is a classic and timeless choice that is recognizable and tough at the same time. What guy wouldn't want to pose as one of the coolest bandmates, even if for just one night?

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Kiss Costume Pictures