Lycan Werewolf Mask

Werewolf Mask

Thanks to the immense popularity of Underworld, Twilight and True Blood, Lycan werewolf masks are all the rage. While die-hard fans may debate key points of appearance, you should go ahead and get the mask that you feel best suits your beast within.

Lycans vs. Werewolves

Although the term "Lycan werewolf" is not unknown, sticklers will insist that these are, in fact, two different creatures. The term "Lycan" is almost exclusively used in the Underworld franchise and the main attribute that distinguishes them from ordinary werewolves is that they can transform at will, rather than needing a full moon to assist them.

When not referring to the creatures in Underworld, the difference between Lycans and werewolves is really all about the name origin - Latin rather than German. If someone is looking specifically for a Lycan werewolf mask, what's meant is that they want to dress as one of the denizens of Underworld. However, any good werewolf mask should work just as well.

Lycan Werewolf Mask

If you are set on a Lycan werewolf mask, a very elaborate one can be found on These are highly detailed masks, meant to cover the entire head and neck. They have realistic snouts, yellow eyes and are snarling so as to show off deadly fangs. In either brown, light brown or blonde, they have real-looking fur and facial features. These masks are very expensive and suitable only for serious Cosplay shows or another such event, as well as film or theatre.

A serious Underworld fan might also want to search for actual props from the films that can be used as costume masks - although they would more likely be kept as collectibles. Search sites like Horror Sniped for wearable props. You can also find a varying selection on eBay.

Make Your Own Lycan Mask

If you are serious about a Lycan costume, you are probably interested in making one. Be sure to browse member instructions at Instructables, where you'll find tips from many people who have made excellent werewolf masks and full costumes.You can also get detailed visual instructions from a number of craftspeople You Tube. Depending on what sort of look you are trying to achieve, this project can be straightforward or it can take weeks to complete. There are many wolves from which to choose - it is best to view all the videos first to help decide which you would like to copy.

Basic Werewolf Masks

If, upon reflection, a Lycan costume is not quite what you are after, there are many high-quality werewolf masks from which to choose. At Halloween Costumes, you can get a dark gray mask in faux fur that fits over the head and has an elastic strap to hold it in place. The fur comes partway down the chest, allowing you to have a shirt open over it. You can get a similar mask in dark brown fur at Mallatt's.

Another deluxe werewolf mask and costume can be found at Halloween Online. This can also be part of a couple's costume if, rather than being a werewolf, you would like to be Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf.

With so many popular television shows and movies featuring werewolves, a Lycan costume can be part of a group costume that also features vampires and humans.

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Lycan Werewolf Mask