Kids Santa Suit Costumes

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With so many uses for kids Santa suit costumes you can easily recoup your investment within just a few short weeks.

Show Me the Santa Suit

Have your kids deck the halls this Christmas looking like the big man himself: Santa Claus. Traditional Santa suits are extremely popular with kids of all ages. Children can kick off the costume-wearing season by donning the iconic cherry red suit for trick-or-treating in October and continue wearing it through Christmas. The opportunities to sport Kris Kringle's getup are practically endless. Kids can wear Santa suits:

  • For holiday parades
  • During school Christmas pageants
  • At Christmas concerts
  • To holiday parties
  • For family Christmas photos

What's more, Santa suits come in a variety of sizes, so even the littlest Father Christmas wannabe can look the part. Infant Santa suit costumes are typically offered in bunting styles for warmth and comfort. Meanwhile, most toddler Santa costumes are sold as sets with an adorable Pere Noel-inspired jumpsuit with attached booties and matching black mittens. Older kids can don plush Santa suits trimmed with fur, which can be stuffed in the mid-section. The majority of these Santa getups also come with an authentic looking hat, wide belt, boots and a white, fluffy beard.

Types of Santa Suit Costumes

In addition to the variety of sizes offered, companies also sell a wide array of different Santa suit costume styles. Children can choose from the following:

  • Traditional: The classic Santa suit comes with a flowing velvet robe, matching pants, a big black belt, a beard and boots.
  • Modern: Modern-day kids Santa suit costumes are made of lighter material and don't feature a distinct European influence. Rather, they are cut generously and are lined with red satin. Other modern Santa suits reflect the changing times and the introduction of the Chrismakkah season. These unique suits are colored blue and come with a matching hat.
  • Little Miss Santa: These suits are perfect for the little girls in the family who want to spread cheer to the world, but would rather not don the traditional Santa costume. Little Miss Santa suits include red Christmas dresses with an attached apron and white hat.
  • Sunny Santa: For kids who live in warmer climates, a long-sleeved, crushed red velvet Santa suit might not be the most appealing option. To get children from Hawaii and Florida in the holiday spirit, some companies offer Sunny Santa suits, which feature short pants and cropped-sleeved versions of the classic red costume. Instead of wearing boots, kids can don slippers or sandals. In addition, the sunny suit is ideal for those Christmas in July pool parties.

Where to Buy Kids Santa Suit Costumes

Santa suit costumes for kids are readily available from September through December at discount retailers, such as Target and Kmart, as well as select department stores, including JCPenney. However, you will find the widest selection of styles and sizes online. What's more, you can purchase them year-round instead of just seasonally. The following reputable Internet retailers feature a huge variety of Santa costumes for kids:

Scaled Back Option

If your child wants to imitate the jolly old elf, but doesn't want to sport the entire Santa getup, then consider having him wear a more comfortable red outfit and just add a traditional Santa hat and beard to pull off the look.

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Kids Santa Suit Costumes