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Jeepers Creepers

Although the last movie came out in 2003, a Jeepers Creepers mask is still a very popular choice for Halloween. The Creeper's mask and hat make for a very scary look. It may be difficult to find one that is inexpensive, but if you're set on this costume, you can guarantee you'll give everyone who sees you the chills.

Look of a Jeepers Creepers Mask

In the 2001 original and the 2003 sequel, the Creeper is a mysterious, bat-like creature that comes to life every 23 years for only 23 days, spending those 23 days feasting on as much human flesh as it can acquire.

The Creeper has a vaguely human quality; when you look close (which may be the last thing you ever do), he has only a slight wisp of white hair at the nape of his neck. The only thing covering his otherwise bald head is what looks very like devil's horns. His skin lies in folds around his face down from the nose and his pointed teeth, set in a permanent smile, are very sharp.

When The Creeper goes out, he covers his head with a large flocked hat that has a slight cowboy or even Indiana Jones look, but that's where the resemblance ends.

Shopping for Masks

Film studio MGM licensed Makeup and Monsters to produce and distribute Jeepers Creepers masks and hats. The advantage here is that you get a good quality mask that is a close replica of that worn by actor Jonathan Breck in the films. Unfortunately, that quality doesn't come cheap. Unlike masks found in drugstores or specialty Halloween shops, this mask is very hard to find at less than $100. When there's a more affordable version on the reatil market, it sells out fast.

Other sources to look for the mask include:

  • Bad Planet, which carries the deluxe mask with hat (and notes that for the look to work, you have to have this particular hat because it is proportioned generously to fit over the mask); the deluxe mask without the hat; and the standard mask. This mask comes without hair and so is slightly less expensive, but Bad Planet is often sold out of all three products.
  • Halloween Mask has the mask and also sells the hat separately in case yours gets blown away.

Masks at a Bargain

Because of the special licensing deal, you won't find any knockoff masks anywhere reputable. But that doesn't mean you can't get the mask, with or without the hat, for less than retail price. The first place to try is eBay. There are usually some Jeepers Creepers masks available, although many are being sold by shops rather than individuals, so you won't save as much as you would like. However, there will be the odd one and it is worth it to save the search and have eBay send you updated listings on a regular basis.

You should also keep an eye on your local Craig's List pages. Many people who are tired of the mask will look to unload it here and save the trouble of shipping. You might get the mask for as much as half the price it would retail for. And if you don't want to wait around and hope that one comes up, you can post a request - it is possible that someone has one and can be persuaded to part with it.

If you do buy a second-hand mask, be sure to clean it thoroughly before use. Start with plain white vinegar, which is a safe disinfectant. You probably won't need to do more. Work with care, because it's no bargain if you end up ruining the mask!

To finish off The Creeper's look, add a plain beige T-shirt and a long duster coat. You can, of course, look for wings, but if you have the mask and hat, you are good to go.

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Jeepers Creepers Mask