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Are you looking for sexy costumes for an upcoming holiday or party? Shaun Milton, owner of Scavenge Inc., a popular online costume and lingerie retail store, shares her expertise with LoveToKnow Costumes readers.

Sexy Costume Tips for Shoppers

LoveToKnow (LTK): When shopping for a sexy costume, what are the most important tips for shoppers to keep in mind?

Shaun Milton (SM): The thing that sets a sexy costume apart from a regular fun or cutesy costume is that is has a definite element of sex appeal - it's alluring, it's enticing. It stirs up the embers and gets a flame burning both in the wearer and in those who get to enjoy the view.

It's probably most important to pick a costume that shows off your best features. So if you've got great legs, or sexy arms, a tight little tummy, or a va-va-voom figure, you want a costume that draws attention to that particular area and makes it look its very best.

This means no wishful sizing. A costume that fits is a whole lot more sexy than one that is so tight that you are barely able to move and is splitting at the seams during your party.

Along with a good fit, another thing to keep in mind is that a really sexy costume fires up the imagination. It has to have just the right balance of being revealing and leaving something to the imagination. Too much on the revealing side, and you've left sexy and entered the realm of skanky. Too little, and you may look nice and maybe cute, but not sexy. Find that balance.

Popular Costumes

LTK: What seems to be the most popular sexy Halloween costumes for men and women?

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SM: Year after year, the Beer Garden Girl costumes are always a big hit. The types of beer girl costumes varies, but this category stays at the top of the list. They are versatile costumes that work for all sorts of events - Halloween, bartending, Oktoberfest, cocktail waitressing, and more. Running a close second for favorite sexy women's costumes are Pirate costumes. Women want that pirate life or at least the pirate look all year long, but especially at Halloween. The pirate look is just plain fun and adventurous. Then there's the whole Pirates of the Caribbean and Johnny Depp aspect. With so many styles, it's no wonder there's almost always a pirate theme party going on or coming up soon.

For Men, the sexy costumes manufactured by Coquette are the top sellers year after year. The best among those are the sailor costumes. Another big favorite for men is the Butler Costume.

Costume Accessories

LTK: What types of accessories should people consider adding to their sexy costumes?

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SM: Every sexy costume can and should be made even hotter with the addition of these three things: sexy footwear, stockings, and a wig. So many times, we see people put all sorts of time and effort into putting together the right costume only to blow it by not getting footwear to match. Wearing just any old pair of shoes that you have hanging around is like serving a fancy, romantic dinner on paper plates. A pair of sexy go-go, thigh-high, or knee-high boots or some hot shoes can add that perfect finishing touch. Many sexy costumes have high hemlines, drawing attention to your legs, so you owe it to yourself to dress those legs up. Fun, decorative, and enticing stockings, tights, or pantyhose are one a small thing that makes such a difference.

Finally, a fabulously fun costume wig not only completes your look, it does something almost mystical. A change occurs when we put on a wig. We put on a different persona, we jump fully into the character we've created.

Shopping for Costumes

LTK: Other than Halloween, on what occasions do you sell the most of these types of costumes?

SM: Theme parties are just huge for us. They happen all year long all over the country. Christmas is also a really great time for sexy outfits. Lots of people out there are into fun holiday celebrations, some more intimate than others. People also get really romantic, fun, and creative for Valentine's Day. Sexy costumes and lingerie are big hits on these days.

LTK: What are the primary benefits of shopping for costumes online?

SM: Besides the fact that you can shop in your jammies, without having to hassle with taking a shower, there's the fact that you can shop anytime, day or night, whenever it's convenient for you. Just plop yourself down in front of your computer whenever the inspiration to costume shop hits you.

When you shop online you get to avoid the crowds and all the pushing and shoving and hassling for a parking space. And just think of the gas you are saving. Think of it as one little thing you are doing to save the planet.

You also get to see so much more stuff since the online selection is "ginormous". You can do all that browsing without having to sort through shelves or racks. Just point and click and you'll see so much more than you ever could at any store.

We reward our online customers with special offers that aren't available in our retail store. When you visit our website you will get first peaks at our new arrivals. You will get to check out our special discount section of closeouts and web offers.

LTK: How far in advance do you recommend that people start shopping for their Halloween Costumes?

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SM: There's just nothing sadder or more pitiful than hearing the sobs of those who wait until the last minute to get their Halloween costumes. We hear it every year - the vows of those who've blown it, "Next year, I'm shopping early!" There are those who have an awesome idea but wait too long and then can't get the costume or pieces they need. The best approach to shopping for your Halloween costume is to treat it likes it's a competition or a race. I know it's tough, but the truth is that the best stuff sells the fastest. And when it's gone, it's gone. It's you against everyone else who wants that perfect Halloween costume. So get shopping in September or earlier. Our big shipments for Halloween arrive in the summer. That's the time to shop - when the selection is the biggest.

The Costume Business

LTK: What made you decide to go into the costume business?

SM: Someone very wise once said, "You can only have fun helping other people have fun if you're having fun doing it." Now, I can't remember who said it, but I've decided they must be a genius. I once had a very different career, but I wasn't helping other people have fun and I wasn't exactly loving what I was doing either.

In my opinion, life should be all about fun and playing and adventure and costumes are one way to get there. I get to help people smile, laugh and have a blast. People shopping for costumes are looking to have some fun and are excited about their upcoming event. They are smiling and happy and I get to be a part of that. I get to help them play more and live happier, richer lives. And, best of all, I am having a blast doing it.

LoveToKnow Costumes would like to thank Shauna Milton from taking time from her busy schedule to provide expert costume shopping tips and suggestions, and wishes her continued success operating Scavenge, Inc.

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Interview: Sexy Costumes