Hula Dancer Halloween Costumes

Hula Dancer

Thanks to their universal appeal, hula dancer Halloween costumes are readily available year-round. What's more, they come in a variety of sizes and designs to accommodate the entire family.

Types of Hula Dancer Halloween Costumes

The unique ensembles worn by native Hawaiians to dance the hula have inspired many knocks-offs. These days you can find hula dancer Halloween outfits at costume shops around the world. In addition, the Internet is teeming with hula costumes for the young and old.


Hula dancer Halloween costumes for women are not hard to find. Most costume shops sell hula sets for women, which include a grass skirt, bikini top and silk flower lei. Ladies can embellish standard hula costumes with flower anklets or wristlets. In addition, women who don't feel comfortable exposing a lot of skin can pass on the bikini top and combine a tank top, halter top or one-piece swimsuit with an artificial grass skirt to create a conservative hula dancer costume.

Hula dancer costumes for women are so popular that some manufacturers have created special maternity versions. Forget about dressing up for Halloween as an oversized pumpkin. These days pregnant women can sport stylish or funny maternity hula costumes. Online retailers sell a slew of hula costumes for expectant mothers, including one that is made from a gigantic bodysuit with attached hoop.


If you have a sense of humor, then you'll love the hula Halloween costumes for men. Guys looking to walk on the wild side by dressing in drag can simply don a grass skirt with a pair of shorts, an undershirt or tube top and a colorful lei. However, if you really want to bring the house down during your Halloween party, then you might consider purchasing a padded "Wanna Nookie" hula costume for men. The hilarious outfit includes a padded jumpsuit with an attached bikini top and a grass skirt. The costume can be embellished with a long wig, flower lei, and a ukulele. When Halloween is over you can reuse the outlandish costume at a summer barbecue or pool party. You're sure to turn your luau into a Lu-WOW, with a hula honey costume for men.



The weather at the end of October is not always conducive to dressing kids as hula dancers. However, if your daughter insists on being a hula girl for Halloween, then you might consider having her wear conservative Hawaiian outfits. A variety of online costume retailers offer hula girl costume for girls that don't expose a ton of skin. The matching floral print top and bottom trimmed with plastic raffia has all the trappings of a traditional hula girl costume, but it leaves less far more to the imagination.


Get Fido and Fifi in the holiday spirit by dressing them up in hula Halloween costumes. Several companies offer hula dog Halloween costumes, which include a grass skirt with an adjustable waist and a polyester lei with an elastic band. Your pooch will look like he just returned from paradise dressed in his Hawaiian costume.

Where to Find Hula Girl Halloween Costumes

Costume shops, party stores and discount retailers in California and Hawaii carry hula girl Halloween costumes year-round. You can also find a huge selection of Hawaiian-inspired costumes online at sites, such as Aloha Outlet. Hula costumes are also easy to make. Grass skirts can be fashioned from newspaper, raffia or crepe paper, and lei can be made at home with silk or paper flowers. Top it off with a bikini top, crop top or tank and you'll be tropically dressed to impress at your next Halloween party.

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Hula Dancer Halloween Costumes