How to Make a Dragon Costume

Make a magical costume!

If you're wondering how to make a dragon costume, then let these ideas inspire you! Whether you have a little knight at home who wants to battle evil or if you plan on donning a dragon costume as a unique adult Halloween costume, you'll find plenty of easy ways to create a fiery and fantastic look right here.

How to Make a Dragon Costume at Home

Quick Dragon Costume

Sometimes a quick costume is all you need to get into an active role playing game. If you have kids that love dress up, why not incorporate a dragon costume into their imagination trunk? You can create an easy at home dragon costume with the following materials:

  • Paper
  • Popsicle stick
  • Markers
  • Glue
  • Velour robe or cape
  • Green slippers
  • Waist/belt sash in a fiery orange or red hue

Once you've gathered the materials, it's time to draw your dragon's head on a plain sheet of 8x10 paper. You may use green, orange, red or purple paper instead of white if desired. Cut the outline of the dragon's head out and make two small eye holes at the proper eye placement. Use colored markers to add details to the dragon's face. When the artwork is complete, simply glue your dragon mask onto the popsicle stick for an easy and quick dragon handheld mask.

Pair your mask with a velour robe and waist sash in the same color of the mask for an even easier solution to how to make a dragon costume at home. While inexpensive, this quick costume idea is all you'll need for an on-the-go child with an active imagination and penchant for fairy tales.

Sewing a Costume

If you have sewing skills, then by all means use them to create a unique dragon costume. Most pattern companies offer a dragon costume in their Halloween or Fairy Tale collections. If you need to modify a similar type of suit, make sure you still opt for a fabric or color that works best for a dragon. Jewel tones and luxe velour and plush fabrics make appropriate choices for dragon suits. Since a dragon is a somewhat novel costume idea, be sure to shop patterns early to avoid lack of availability.

Premade Costumes

If you'd rather purchase an adult dragon costume rather than get crafty at home, be prepared to spend some serious cash. Dragon costumes are rare and costly thanks to their detailing and rich fabrics.

If you must have a store-bought costume, scope out the sale collections at a costume rental shop for the most unique and highest quality choices at a bargain price. While dragon costumes are not in high demand, if you opt for a permanent investment, chances are good you'll find several occasions to wear it.

Dragon costumes for children are readily available during the Halloween season and are priced within the same ballpark as most children's costumes. Check eBay for even better deals and options.

Dragon Group Ideas

A dragon costume is a unique idea that hasn't been overdone throughout the years. If you're still on the fence about creating your own dragon look and going solo, then consider the unique pairings this costume idea makes. For a group theme, pair the dragon with a princess and a prince; or, set sail with Jackie Paper, a wooden toy sailboat and dress as Puff the Magic Dragon. Since dragons are universally loved, you're sure to turn heads with a costume depicting the fiery and mythical creature no matter if it's a quick pulled together costume or an intricately sewn masterpiece.

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How to Make a Dragon Costume