How Do I Make a Werewolf Costume

Man in bloody werewolf costume

With all the excitement over the vampire and werewolf movie Twilight, it's no wonder plenty of people are asking "How do I make a werewolf costume?" For anyone who wants a costume that is both scary and funny, this can be ideal.

The Basic Werewolf Look

There are two accepted versions of a werewolf. One is simply a large wolf. The other, which is easier to render when making a costume, is essentially human (and usually male). He has a human body and wears the clothes he was wearing when he transformed. The only difference is that he is now covered in hair and his head is more that of a wolf - or at least a monster. He also sports claws, although usually not a tail.

Make Your Own Werewolf Costume

The "wolf man" costume can be as easy or intricate as you like. For example, if you are looking for a last minute costume, you can wear regular clothes and stop off at a party store to buy a wolf mask and claws and be done.

For a more intricate but still comparatively simple costume, you'll first have to visit the fabric store. Fake fur runs the gamut in quality, so you can usually find something inexpensive. Either black, brown or gray fur is acceptable.

To keep costs down, you can buy fur to cover your neck and however much of your chest you want to show, plus your hands and face. You can use the fur to make ears, which is usually preferable to covering your whole head. It might also be more comfortable to use makeup on your face and forgo the fur there.

You don't have to use glue - the fur on your chest and neck can be attached to your clothes with safety pins. For your hands, sew the fur into gloves and simply slide it on. You can attach plastic claws if you like.

More Detailed Costumes

A more detailed werewolf costume will involve a lot more work and time. One small cheat is to buy a sturdy outfit at a thrift store and then cover it with fur - a sweat suit will do. Then you can build your snout, ears and claws accordingly.If you are a serious craftsperson and want to make a realistic costume suitable for Cosplay or something similar, visit Instructables for a step-by-step guide in building a head, paws, feet and body. While this is a costume that will look incredible, it's also one to which you must be seriously committed, as it will take a lot of time, effort and money to render well.

Wolf Masks

For many people, making a werewolf costume is all about the mask. You can make a realistic wolf mask with a jaw that moves and looks ferocious, although this will take some time and skill. There are many video instructions online, and this is the best way to get started if you aren't a designer. One of the more popular videos is here. The same poster has instructions for werewolf stilts if you want to get really serious about your costume.

Werewolf Costumes for Kids

Most parents won't want to spend this much time and money on a costume - and the kids won't want to wear something so fussy and elaborate either. To make a werewolf costume for a child, get a black sweat suit and trim it with either brown or gray fur for contrast. Make simple wolf ears with cardboard and more fur and gloves for the hands. Instead of a snout, use makeup to render a wolf face, especially the all-important black nose. Fangs are optional, but your child will definitely be ready to roar in this easy to make wolf suit!

As Simple or as Detailed as You Like

Bottom line, you can choose just how detailed you want your costume to be. If you want to be comfortable and don't want to spend hours putting your costume together, use some of the simpler werewolf ideas mentioned here. If you really want to impress your friends, however, you'll need to create a costume that includes the finer details of the classic werewolf look. The choice is yours, so think about what you want and go for it.

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How Do I Make a Werewolf Costume