How Do I Make a Robin Hood Hat

Robin's hat
Capture Robin Hood's medieval design!

How do I make a Robin Hood hat? Is this something that you are wondering? Robin Hood and his band of fictional merry men have been firing imaginations since the first ballads about him begin to appear in the late 15th century; so learning how to make a Robin Hood hat can help you put the finishing touch on this inspiring costume. The style of hat that Robin Hood - or Robin, Earl of Huntington, as the case may be - is commonly credited with wearing is a style loosely based on 12th to 14th century clothing.

How Do I Make a Robin Hood Hat?

Making a hat to match a Robin Hood outfit doesn't require sewing skill or specialized equipment. If you are handy with a glue gun, you won't even need to sew a stitch.


Most materials for a credible Robin Hood hat can be found at a local fabric store. This includes fabric, trim, thread or glue and accessories.


The fabric is the most important element in how to make a Robin Hood hat, since it determines how the finished product will stand up. In order for a Robin Hood hat to stand tall, the fabric needs to be reasonably stiff and should not come apart easily or fray. Felt is an ideal choice, since it can be cut without the need for a hem and is lightweight yet stiff. Heavy canvas can also be used, provided that it is stiff enough. If you've found the ideal fabric for your Robin Hood hat and are afraid it is too soft, purchase some fusible interfacing, which is sold by the yard at fabric stores. This material is attached by heat (you can use your clothing iron) and adds both stiffness and weight to the fabric it's attached to. When choosing your fabric, keep in mind the colors of the high Medieval period. Robin Hood and his merry men are commonly associated with a color known as "Lincoln green", a bright, warm, leafy color reminiscent of the forest in summertime. A complimentary color, such as a warm brown, can also be used.


For a band of merry outlaws who share in the spoils of robbing from the rich, some simple trim on their hats might be appropriate. Trim can run around the center of the hat or around the lining of the brim. It can also be used to cover frayed edges and prevent them from fraying further. Choose a simple trim - many fabric stores will have simple, stylized embroidered trim which can be used to add color and contrast on a Robin Hood hat.


These are the crowning glory of any Robin Hood hat! Feathers can be long and trailing or stylized and short. Many Robin Hood hats sport long, elegant brown pheasant feathers - a token of Robin's status as both a poacher and an outlaw. You can find real or fake feathers to compliment your hat in most craft stores.

Making the Hat

Cut a semicircle out of your fabric measuring 66 centimeters in diameter and 33 centimeters from center to the edge of the circle. Fold the semicircle in half, right sides together, to form a triangle with a curved bottom. Glue or sew the edges together along the straight edge of the fabric only, leaving the curved edge open.

Allow to dry thoroughly - fabrics such as felt may take more than one glue application to respond properly. Once the fastened edge is secure, turn the hat inside out so the right side of the fabric is now on the outside. Fold up the bottom edges to form a brim. Add trim by gluing or sewing trim on to the hat. Finally, add your feathers, either by tucking them into the folded brim or by creating two small slits in the side of the hat and threading the feathers through.

Enjoy Your Costume

Now that you know the answer to the question of how do I make a Robin Hood hat, you can move on to putting together the rest of your costume. Whether you're preparing for a Renaissance festival or if you're going to a costume party, your hand crafted hat is sure to be a hit!

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How Do I Make a Robin Hood Hat