How Do I Dress Like a Geek


Each year thousands of penny-pinching party goers ask themselves: How do I dress like a geek for Halloween? The answers are vast and varied, but they have one thing in common: geek costumes can be made from cheap and easily accessible materials.

Geek Appeal

It's hip to be square. Just ask fans of hit shows that portray geeks and nerds as hot shots, such as Ugly Betty, Freaks and Geeks and Weird Science. No longer is it embarrassing to be called a "geek." In fact, thousands of party goers actively emulate their favorite primetime nerds via easy-to-make costumes.

Another reason nerd costumes are so popular is that they are extremely inexpensive to make. In today's sluggish economy very few people have large amounts of disposable income to drop on fancy Halloween costumes. Being a geek for a Halloween party or other costume celebration is an affordable alternative for people on a budget.

How Do I Dress Like a Geek Suggestions

It's not hard answering the question: How do I dress like a geek? After all, most of the accessories you need to look like a nerd can be found in your closet, such as:

  • High-water pants
  • Suspenders
  • Oxford shirt
  • Belt
  • Pocket protector filled with pencils and pens
  • Eyeglasses
  • Bow tie
  • Belt
  • Plaid Bermuda shorts
  • Backpack
  • Tennis shoes
  • Loafers
  • Briefcase
  • Striped socks

With a little creativity you can mix and match the aforementioned accessories to form the ultimate geek costume. For example:

  • For guys: Tuck an oxford shirt deep into high-water pants, and then add suspenders or a belt. Attach a pocket protector to shirt and tape a sign that reads: "Kick me" to your back. Add a bow tie to outfit. Next, place a piece of tape in the middle of some eyeglasses, slick back hair and wear a pair of loafers with black ankle socks.
  • For girls: Put hair in a bun or pigtails and keep together with a few pencils. Nix the make-up. Instead, wear fake, buck teeth and draw freckles on your face. Pair a skirt with black knee-high socks and top off with a pair of brown sandals. Carry an oversized backpack stuffed with books and talk in a high-pitched voice.

How to Dress Like a Famous Geek

They helped put nerdom on the map and now you can dress up like your favorite geek with very little time and effort:

  • Ugly Betty: Look like Betty from ABC's hit series Ugly Betty. Simply purchase a cheap black wig, glasses and fake teeth with braces. Then, pair a skirt or dress with knee-high socks, loafers a "B" necklace and a poncho.
  • Carl Sagan: Dress up as one of the greatest astronomers ever. Sagan's signature look combines a turtleneck sweater or a simple dress shirt and jacket. The important thing is the hair: A wide comb to the left with lots of forehead showing.
  • MC Frontalot: Everyone love the king of nerdcore, MC Frontalot. Sport a typical nerd-like , short sleeve dress shirt, an obnoxiously bright or off-color tie, a pocket protector and glasses with black frames.
  • Tech costumes: Computer-related Halloween costumes are hot, especially those involving high-tech wonders. If you want to go ultra-geek, then dress up as your favorite tech toy or computer or software. Popular costumers include: an iPod, Blackberry, laptop, or a robot dog.

Go Geek

Geeks come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. In fact, the possibilities are virtually endless when dressing up like a geek. If you don't want to stick the convention nerd costume, then consider dressing up like a music geek and tote around a fake violin or flute. Or, dress to impress as a Star Trek or Star Wars geek complete with action figures hanging out of your pockets.

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How Do I Dress Like a Geek