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Classic Homer Simpson

Used alone or as part of a costume, Homer masks are a fun for costume parties, Halloween, or other events. Based on the character of Homer Simpson from America's longest running animated sitcom The Simpsons, this clueless father has become a favorite character and adult Halloween costume.

Homer's Popularity

Since its debut in 1989, The Simpsons has provoked laughs with it parody of American families. Homer's signature comment, "D'oh!," along with other phrases from the show, are instantly recognizable to a vast majority of Americans. Many types of merchandise, including toys, novelty items, and costumes and masks have been created based on the Simpson family characters Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie.

Types of Homer Masks

Homer masks are popular for a variety of reasons. Many adults enjoy the humorous elements in the show and by Homer, making a mask based on the character a perfect choice for a fun-loving person looking for a humorous costume. The mask is also a top choice for male fans of the show. Many people prefer well-known masks and costumes when dressing up, and Homer is easily recognized. Wearing a mask based on the character is likely to draw some laughs - or at least a smile - from a crowd.

Most Homer Simpson masks are typically either full, over the head masks or half-cap masks made of latex or vinyl. Plastic frontal masks are available at selected retailers as well. There are several different facial expressions and types of masks, including:

  • Classic lazy Homer with half-closed eyes
  • Classic Homer with collar
  • Surprised Homer with wide-open eyes
  • Half-cap open-eyed mask
  • Open-eyed, smiling Homer plastic mask

Although specific color shades may vary slightly, the mask is typically bright yellow with Homer's signature five o'clock shadow. Full masks create a great effect, especially with a full costume, but half-cap masks may allow you to drink and speak a bit more easily for those wanting to retain the character for the duration of the party or event.

Masks can easily be saved for future use. Just clean with a soft sponge and warm soapy water and dry thoroughly before storing.

Where to Buy

Most costume retailers have Homer masks available, as well other Simpsons masks. These include:

Homer costumes and masks are also available at retailers like Amazon.com and auction sites such as EBay.

Add to Your Mask: Full Homer Simpson Costumes

It's easy to turn a fun mask into a full Homer costume. Some costume retailers do offer Homer costumes including oversize collared shirt, padding, and mask, or you can purchase a mask and create your own costume.


You can purchase "Santa" padding that can be strapped on underneath your clothing to give the appearance of Homer's "beer" belly, or you can secure a pillow or other padding to give the desired effect.


For clothing, use a white, collared shirt and light blue cotton pants or light colored jeans. Black or grey dress/casual shoes will complete the apparel.

For alternative looks, try a Homer costume based on a specific episode, such as cowboy Homer. For those going for ultimate humor, the mask paired with a stuffed yellow sweat suit with men's white underwear worn over top will be the classic Homer in his underwear - as seen in various episodes.


For accessories, plastic doughnuts and an aluminum can with "Duff Beer" written on it are signature Homer items. Homer masks are a fun way to bring this classic cartoon character to life. Whether it's Halloween or some other event, this is one look that's sure to be fun to wear and fun to see!

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Homer Masks