Homemade Peacock Costumes

Peacock costume

The peacock's vibrant colors and exotic plumage captures both the attention and the imagination; with homemade peacock costumes you can be the center of attention at your next fancy dress event. Start with a sleek costume base and add the signature vibrant plumage to create an unforgettable look.

Make Your Own Peacock Costume

When making costumes, you will need to consider your time, budget and sewing skills. A homemade peacock costume can be assembled in a variety of ways, including building upon existing wardrobe pieces or purchasing ready-made embellishments from a craft store. It isn't necessary to be a star seamstress or qualified tailor to create a homemade costume; elements of the costume can be found in a variety of places, including your own wardrobe.

Ideas for a Peacock Costume Base

The body of a male peacock shows a variety of colors with shiny, iridescent plumage. Blue, green and every shade in between makes an excellent base color for homemade peacock costumes. Try shopping in thrift stores, at garage sales and in theatrical or dance supply shops for the ideal base.

Children's Costumes

For children, an excellent no-sew base for a peacock costume is a simple tunic style T-shirt and a pair of leggings. If a more elaborate base is required, a dance leotard in the appropriate shade of blue or iridescent blue green can be found. A craft store can provide a number of useful accessories for creating a costume base, including sequins, trim, and peacock feathers which can be added to a plain outfit to create a peacock theme.

Women's Wear

In nature, peahens - the female partners to the gem-toned peacocks - have drab plumage in browns and greys. For a peacock costume, however, sticking to nature should give way to fashion. Women's peacock costumes can begin with a similar base to a children's costume with a T shirt and leggings. For a sultrier option, try purchasing a mini dress in blue or teal as a base, then attach peacock colored trim or peacock feathers to the bodice of the dress. An extra sexy option is to purchase a plain corset or bustier in blue or teal, then attach peacock feathers, trim, and matching rhinestones for an enchanting grown-up take on a classic costume.

Men's Choices

Choosing a base for a male peacock costume can combine several options. A plain shirt or top in the right shade of blue makes an excellent base; since this type of top is available off the shelf in a variety of sizes and styles, male peacocks will have their pick of fits and shapes. These can be paired with anything from simple blue jeans to black theatrical leggings, depending upon how daring the peacock is feeling.

Make a Peacock Tail

The base of your costume builds substance, but we all know that it is the tail which is the crowning glory of this spectacular bird, and your costume shouldn't miss out. Peacock feathers can be purchased at a craft store and attached to a wire or cardboard semicircle to splay out in the proper fan-tailed fashion. Attach this semicircle directly to the costume; if you are using a loose fitting costume base, then attach the semicircle to a belt or the waistband of a skirt or trousers. If you are not able to use real feathers, create feathers out of a stiff card or foam rubber by painting the signature "eye" design at the end of each "feather". Spread the plumage out over a semicircle and glue in place to create a fabulous fan tail.

Finishing Touches

A peacock costume can be accessorised in a number of ways for the perfect finishing touch. Create designs on your face and body using blue and green body paint; this can even be teamed with glitter for a truly iridescent look. Use extra peacock feathers in your hair or on a headband or hat for a crowning touch to your costume. Finally, don't forget your mask - embellish a plain mask with blue or green paint, glitter, rhinestones and peacock feather pieces for the perfect finishing touch to your masquerade.

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Homemade Peacock Costumes