Hawaiian Luau Costume Photos

Hawaiian Luau Costume Ideas


Will you be attending a luau event in the near future? Wondering what to wear? These Hawaiian luau costume photos can provide you with inspiration and ideas for putting together a terrific outfit!

Grass Skirt


If you want to dress up like a traditional luau dancer, you'll need to wear a grass skirt. You can find inexpensive grass skirts at any party or costume supply store. Pair your skirt with a swimsuit top or Hawaiian shirt.

Floral Leis


No Hawaiian luau costume is complete without a colorful lei. You can purchase leis from any store that carries luau party supplies or make your own with silk flowers. If you really want to get into the spirit, take a few extras to hand out to other party goers.

Coconut Bra


A coconut bra is a popular option, but isn't a good choice for those who are shy or uncomfortable being the center of attention. You'll likely find this whimsical accessory for luau costumes at any party supply or costume store during the warmest months of the year. You can also make your own with a couple of coconut shells and some string.

Floral Swimsuit


If you aren't adventurous (or brave!) enough to wear a coconut bra, reach into your dresser drawer for your favorite swimsuit. Little girls and grownups alike can use a floral bikini top or one-piece swimsuit and the basis for putting together a terrific hula dancer costume.

Hawaiian Shirt


A colorful Hawaiian shirt is a great choice for luau party events for kids and adults alike. Wear your shirt with a grass skirt or a pair of shorts. You can even wear it as a jacket over your bathing suit top.



A ukulele can be a fun accessory for your Hawaiian luau costume, especially if you know how to play it! Even if you can't make beautiful music, this prop will likely be a great conversation starter.

Floral Flip Flops


Don't forget the finishing touch of a pair of colorful floral flip flops!

Luau Hairstyle


Remember to add a tropical flower to your hair for a genuine Hawaiian luau costume appearance.

Floral Hairpiece


You don't have to stop with just one flower! No matter what you are wearing, a floral hair piece made with real or silk tropical flowers is a great way to complete your outfit for a Hawaiian party.

Luau Puppy


Don't forget your pooch. Even the family pet can get in the spirit the next time you host a luau party!

Need More Ideas?


Still need more ideas to make a final decision about your luau attire? Check out Hawaiian Dance Costumes and Polynesian Tiki Masks for more costume tips.

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Hawaiian Luau Costume Photos