Halloween Pun Costume Idea Gallery

Halloween Pun Costume Ideas


This "Jack O'Lantern" is a great example of Halloween pun costume ideas. The flag of the United Kingdom is referred to as a Union Jack when flown at sea. Puns make great costumes, but they need to be obvious, not obscure.



Put a photo of an anchor on a t-shirt and you're good to go as an anchorman or anchorwoman. The pun is definitely a stretch, but it can be a lot of fun for others to guess.

Behind the Eight Ball


You can dress a beach ball up as an eight ball and carry it around or you can put an eight ball on your t-shirt, putting you "Behind the Eight Ball".



Grab an umbrella and dress it up with faux fruit speared with a faux pirate sword and carry it along while dressed in a frothy color (pink, blue, green) and you're a walking, talking Cocktail.

Deviled Eggs


This is a fun, yet simple costume and a great idea for little babies too. Put them in an egg costume and a pair of red horns and you're ready to go as A Deviled Egg.

Feeling Blue


Paint your face blue, dress all in blue or make blue your signature and you'll be 'Feeling Blue' all day.

Green with Envy


Green with Envy needs to look seductive, dark and intense. So be sure to do it up right.

Happy Hour


Carry a clock with a smiley face or just carry a clock and smile, you'll be a Happy Hour anytime, anywhere.


Find your loudest Hawaiian shirt and put on a pair of boxing gloves and you'll be ready to go as a Hawaiian Punch. Want some more easy to make costume ideas, check out:

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Halloween Pun Costume Idea Gallery