Indiana Jones Halloween Costumes

Consider dressing up as Indiana Jones this Halloween.
Consider dressing up as Indiana Jones this Halloween.

Many adventurer seekers, kids and adults alike, would love to don an Indiana Jones costume for Halloween. Indiana Jones is the daring action figure from the popular movies Raiders of the Lost Ark and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and is a symbol of adventure and ruggedness.

Where to Buy Indiana Jones Gear

Dress up your entire family in an Indiana Jones costume and you will be the hit of any party. The official Indiana Jones website has complete costumes for everyone including the family dog. You can also buy Indiana Jones gear as a full costume, or in parts at costume stores or online from retailers.

  • offers the full costume for sale in a variety of sizes.
  • offers the full costume and also individual items that are sold separately that could be used to create the costume.

How to Make Your Own Indiana Jones Costume

While you can always buy or rent a costume, making one is a practical and often affordable option. Indiana Jones outfits are really quite simple to recreate, so you don't have to search the stores far and wide for a costume specifically marketed as Indiana. In fact, you may have many of the accessories and clothing you need right in your own closet. Find these items in your closet or at a secondhand store to create a costume.

Young Indiana Jones


  • Fedora: The most important part of any Indiana Jones outfit is his worn-out hat. If you aren't able to find one, you can order a similar hat online. Try, where you can find a perfect replica, or ThinkGeek, which offers the officially licensed Indiana Jones fedora.
  • Shirt and pants: It's pretty simple to recreate these clothing items. All you really need is a light colored, button up shirt (put a couple of rips in it for more authenticity), some dark pants (even dark khakis will work), and a jacket. Depending upon the movie you are modeling the character after, you can choose a denim or leather jacket.
  • Jacket: Indy wears a dark brown leather jacket, but just about any type of brown jacket will complete the costume. You may already have an appropriate jacket in your closet. If not, check thrift stores, department stores and costume shops. If you can't find dark brown, go with khaki or tan canvas.
  • Footwear: Choose cowboy or work boots as footwear.


  1. If the fedora belongs to you and you want an authentic look, make it look worn by swishing it and rubbing some dirt on it.
  2. Dress in the shirt, pants, jacket, fedora, and boots.
  3. Create a whip by attaching a tightly woven rope to a broken broom or dowel stick.
  4. Carry a rope over your shoulder.

Putting It Together

Indiana Jones is a costume not only for males, but also for females, children and even dogs. Whether you create your own or buy a licensed costume, you are sure to be the hit of the party.

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Indiana Jones Halloween Costumes