Halloween Costume Patterns

Mad Hatter and Alice in costume
Mad Hatter and Alice costumes

Sewing your own Halloween costume doesn't have to be expensive or complicated, especially when you use a pattern. No matter what kind of costume you're planning to make, there's a pattern that can help.

Patterns for Fantasy and Character Costumes

Some of the best Halloween costumes are those where you get to emulate a favorite character. Try one of these fun ideas.

Alice in Wonderland Costumes

Alice in Wonderland has inspired many spectacular costumes, from the Queen of Hearts to the Mad Hatter. No matter which character you plan to be, using an Alice in Wonderland costume pattern can ensure your look will be a success.

Vampire Costume Patterns

vampire costume

Being a vampire for Halloween is a classic choice, but purchasing a costume can get expensive. Fortunately, you can make your own cape and accessories using vampire costume patterns. Add the perfect fabric and a little dramatic flair, and you'll be the ultimate creature of the night.

Darth Vader Costume Pattern

Darth Vader is everyone's favorite Star Wars villain, but making his costume can seem overwhelming. A great Darth Vader costume pattern can help take the guesswork out of creating your outfit. Add a little black fabric and the right accessories, and you'll be the envy of everyone this Halloween.

Robin Hood Costume Patterns

Robin Hood makes a great, creative choice for Halloween, and this is an outfit that is easy to make. A Robin Hood costume pattern, a sewing machine, and some fabric are all you need to create the ultimate look.

Star Trek Uniform Patterns

Dressing up as your favorite Star Trek character makes for a memorable Halloween costume. Whether you're making an outfit from the original TV series or creating a look from one of the later versions, there's a Star Trek uniform pattern to help.

Peter Pan Costume Patterns

Peter Pan is a story full of great characters, and they make a surprising and unique choice for Halloween. Gather up a Peter Pan costume pattern, fabric, and a sewing machine, and you'll be set to join the Lost Boys in no time at all.

Patterns from Past Eras

medieval princess

Halloween costumes inspired by the past are always a classic choice. If you love history, these costumes are perfect for you.

Medieval Costume Patterns

Lords, ladies, knights, and princesses all make fun costumes for Halloween, and Medieval costume patterns can show you how to create the ultimate look. Choose fabrics authentic to the era or simply in your favorite colors to create a memorable costume this holiday.

Renaissance Costume Patterns

A Renaissance Fair isn't the only place to wear a costume from this exciting era. In fact, Renaissance costume patterns are perfect for creating a great look for Halloween.

Colonial Costume Patterns

The Colonial era was an exciting time in history, and it inspires many amazing Halloween costumes. Whether you decide to be a specific famous person, a Revolutionary War soldier, or anyone else from the era, Colonial costume patterns can help.

Civil War Costume Patterns

Whether you're planning to be a rebel, a Union soldier, or a lady in a hoop skirt, there are lots of great Civil War costume patterns out there. Choose your favorite to make a Halloween costume that will turn heads.

More Great Costumes

belly dance costume pattern

Need more ideas? If you're still looking for more Halloween costume patterns, try one of these great examples.

Belly Dance Costume Patterns

You don't have to be a professional belly dancer to make your own costume. Using a belly dance costume pattern, some beautiful sheer fabric, and few hours of your time, you can create a Halloween costume that will be the hit of any party.

Patterns for Animal Costumes

No matter what kind of animal you plan to be, there are lots of animal costume patterns to try. Consider using a fish costume pattern to make an adorable infant or child outfit this Halloween.

Mermaid Costume Patterns

Whether you're making a Halloween costume for a toddler or dressing up yourself, a mermaid costume pattern and some great fabric are all you need to create a sea-inspired outfit. There are lots of options out there, so have fun choosing the one that's best for you.

Fairy Costume Patterns

Free fairy costume patterns are great for making fantastical costumes on a budget. From wings to dresses, all you need are these patterns and some fabric to create the ultimate look.

Your Own Unique Look

No matter which costume pattern you select, you'll love being able to create your own unique look for Halloween. No one else will have a costume exactly like yours, and you'll have lots of creative choices when it comes to fabric, trims, and accessories.

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Halloween Costume Patterns