Group Costume Ideas

Group Costume Ideas
Gallery of Group Costumes

Group costume ideas are a great way to spend Halloween, college parties, costume parties, staged video events or any dress up holiday gathering with family, friends or both. Dressing up as a group theme not only shares the fun, but also encourages togetherness.

Discovering Group Costume Ideas

Looking for a group costume idea that will work for you and yours? First ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you have a theme?
  • Is there a goal to a group costume?
  • Do you have to be authentic?

These three questions can help you get started on choosing your group costume. If you have a theme, then you know you'll be shopping for specific items. For example, Pilgrims require period clothing, as does a renaissance faire. But what if you decided to dress up as a glee club in honor of the Fox television series of the same name. Then you will need to define the theme. Will it be hip hop? Lady Gaga? Britney Spears? Or will you go for dressing in the same shirt color, tie and pants (or skirts).

Setting a Goal for Your Costume

Are you planning to dress up for a formal costume event? Or do you just want to dress up with family and friends for a holiday like Halloween? The following costume ideas are about teaming up together for a good time.

Cruella De Vil and Spotted Puppies - For an older woman and very young children, this can be a fun Halloween trick or treat dress up. Mom or grandma can hold onto the kids with faux leashes too to complete the effect

Zooming Zombies - With the popularity of zombie films through the decades, zombies are an easy group costume for people to come up with. Choose clothing from the decade your zombies come from, use pale powder to whiten the skin and add shadows around the eyes and you're ready to go.

Queen of Hearts, Alice in Wonderland, Mad Hatter - Take your tea party on the road by dressing up as multiple characters from Wonderland whether you choose to go the original Lewis Carroll, Walt Disney or Tim Burton route.

Pirates on the Prowl - Pirates are another great group costume idea because you can choose pirates from the historical rogues of the high seas to the more musical Pirates of Penzance to the modern twists taken by the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Authenticity Counts

If you are planning for a larger event such as a reenactment, a renaissance festival or even a costumed, event wedding, then you want to go for authenticity. This means doing your research and purchasing your costumes together through a professional store or having them made by a seamstress. Don't worry if you have zippers on your Civil War uniforms as long as the cloth hides them.

But if you can only find Italian renaissance clothing and your festival is British renaissance, plan a way to make a group out of it so you can be an envoy from Italy on a visit. Not only does this add some color to the party, but it also gives you some authenticity for your costume.

A costumed event wedding is a little different. The bride will most likely have a very specific theme and feel in mind. For example, if she wanted a black and white wedding, then it would be formal dress with very specific colors and a red dress would stand out in that crowd. So if you are attending a planned costumed event like a wedding or a carnival, look to the host or hostess for guidance so that your costume coordinates with the group.

Group costume themes can be tremendous fun, so get together and brainstorm the ideas that will work for you and your friends or family.

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Group Costume Ideas