Gorilla Masks

Gorilla Mask

With a gorilla mask, you can be the life of the party, or just hide behind the fur, on Halloween or any other occasion.

About the Mask

While most people think of masks as a Halloween purchase, the gorilla look doesn't have to be saved for a single time of the year. Whether it's a person delivering a singing telegram or someone being goofy at a college party, a gorilla can instantly lighten the mood. Some fans have even been spotted wearing gorilla heads to sporting events, perhaps hoping to be featured on the Jumbotron, or just enjoying the anonymity a mask affords while they scream and cheer. Sometimes people choose a gorilla mask to hide their faces for a more serious purpose. One example of this is the Guerilla Girls, a group of feminists who protest discrimination while masquerading as gorillas.

Dressing up as a gorilla seems to be a more adult pursuit, because there are few options for kids. While older kids could certainly wear an adult-sized mask, a child gorilla costume is the rare piece designed just for them. Perhaps it's because of the potential discomfort, or just a matter of kids being less interested in apes. Parents already squeamish about masks' potential to block a child's vision would surely draw the line at something as all-encompassing as a gorilla mask.

Buying a Gorilla Mask

In choosing a mask, consider the quality of the fur and the feel of the face material. Is it flexible and comfortable? It may be worth spending a little extra money on a mask made of better materials, so your entire mask doesn't look cheap.

Masks also vary in expression. Do you want to look like a good-natured animal or a savage beast? A lot can be said with a furrow of the brow or a baring of teeth.

Full masks can be hot and sweaty. Stay hydrated and take care not to overexert yourself while in costume, whether you're trick-or-treating from house to house or going crazy on the dance floor.

Online Stores

Any store selling Halloween costumes should also carry at least one gorilla mask, but for the best variety, you may need to go online.

Why Stop With The Mask?

Why wear just a mask when you can wear a full gorilla suit?

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