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Scarlett inspired gown

The Pulitzer-Prize winning novel and 1939 film adaptation of Gone With the Wind are well known; the exquisite Gone With the Wind costumes from talented designer Walter Plunkett are arguably as famous as the movie itself.

Scarlett Fever

With its intriguing story line, unique characters, and historical significance, Margaret Mitchell's Gone With the Wind has a well-deserved place in history as one of the best-selling books of all time. The Academy-Award winning film rendition differs in some aspects from the novel, but is also one of the most highly regarded films ever produced. Subsequent productions include a musical entitled Scarlett developed in the 1970s, and a contemporary musical adaptation by London's West End Theater.

A huge Gone With the Wind fan base exists, and reproduction items from the film are a thriving business. In the film, the many costumes of Scarlett O'Hara, the female protagonist, are reminiscent of the beauty of the "Southern belle" and are in themselves works of art.

With stunning designs, Scarlett's costumes are one of the most popular aspects Gone With the Wind fans are interested in, although there is interest in other character's costumes and many other aspects of the film as well.

Reproduction Gone With the Wind Costumes

Reproduction costumes from Gone With the Wind are offered by select retailers that specialize in this type of apparel. Reproduction costumes are intricately planned and created. Designers and dressmakers develop the patterns and locate fabrics to closely resemble the colors and styles of specific costumes.

Close attention to detail is utilized to ensure that each costume is as close to the original film version as possible. With the amount of time, research, and special fabrics required to make these costumes, it should come as no surprise they are quite costly.

Reproduction Gone With the Wind gowns and costumes show up in a surprising number of places. Women and men may purchase these specialty costumes for:

  • Gone With the Wind:
    • Balls
    • Theme parties
    • Showcase or museum events
  • Proms and homecomings
  • Other dances
  • Masquerades
  • Weddings
  • Parties
  • Special portrait sessions
  • Holiday events
  • Film festivals
  • Historical events
  • Parades
  • Attending theater productions

In most cases, retailers specializing in these historic Southern costumes can also reproduce other character's costumes for couples and men. Reproductions are also available at auction sites and specialty vintage stores.

You can inquire at the following costume store sites for information on purchasing or requesting reproduction Gone With the Wind apparel:

Scarlett Online

Scarlett Online is a major Gone With the Wind retailer specializing in exquisite gowns and costumes. Quotes are based on individual dresses, but the site offers detailed photos of individual dresses in comparison to the originals, including:

  • Scarlett's barbecue dress
  • Scarlett's ruffled prayer gown
  • Red garnet gown
  • Red Christmas dress
  • Jacquard dinner dress
  • Train station dress
  • Widow's gown and velvet mourning dress
  • New and distressed calico dresses

Gone With the Wind Halloween Costumes

For those interested in donning apparel from the old South just for the night, several retailers offer Southern belle gowns, men's Confederate apparel, and other accessory items that can be used for Gone With the Wind costumes. Resources and costume shops include:

Doll Costumes

Those who love Gone With the Wind may also be interested in figurines or collectible dolls and doll costumes that are small versions of the dresses. Many collectibles and doll stores carry these items, including:

The gorgeous Gone With the Wind costumes reflect the styles of the old South and are an exciting costume choice whether they are for fans attending special events, as wonderful additions to a Gone With the Wind display or collection, or a fun and unique costume choice for Halloween.

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Gone with the Wind Costumes