Funny Costume Ideas

Unique and Funny Costume Ideas

The following funny costume ideas will ensure you garner a bit of attention and giggles at your next dress-up event.

While clowns are a favorite choice for humor, consider these other ideas for a unique look and style that's sure to be memorable.

Channel Your Inner Creature

A pair of mouse ears and dramatic opera gloves makes a funny costume for any gal.

Show Off Your Dark Side

If your humor is dark, go ahead and show it off. This costumed pair obviously had a bout on the golf course!

A Little Pig is Unique

A pink pig makes a real funny costume. Imagine this theme in a trio!

Dress Up the Dog

Don't forget Fido! Your dog can sport a unique and funny costume idea simply by donning a backpack.

Be Different and Unique

What's up with this pickle? Sometimes a funny costume is something that just doesn't make sense. For a truly silly look, ditch all rhyme and reason with your costume idea.

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Funny Costume Ideas