Frosty the Snow Man Costume

A jolly idea for a costume!

What could be more cheerful come the holidays than a Frosty the Snowman costume? The beloved snowman that captured the hearts of adults and children first came to life in 1950 in the lyrics of a cheerful song performed by Gene Autry and the Cass Country Boys. Soon after, Frosty was reinvented into a children's holiday classic short film. Today, this holiday character promises children each and every year through festive holiday jingles and holiday cartoons that he "will be back again someday!"

Frosty Costume Essentials

If you want to be the delight of a holiday party or just want to try a cheerful alternative to a holiday costume, a Frosty the Snowman costume is easy to create with just a few essentials. Gather up the following pieces of clothing and supplies, and you'll soon be dancing to the tune!

  • White sweatshirt or white tunic
  • White sweatpants or dress pants
  • White shoes
  • 3 to 4 large 2" diameter black pompoms (purchase at a craft or fabric store)
  • 3 to 4 large safety pins
  • Red clown nose painted black if desired
  • Red scarf
  • Top hat

Put Your Frosty the Snowman Costume Together

Once you have your Frosty essentials, you'll want to put your look together. This costume idea is perfect for kids and adults alike and can be created on a tight budget. Keep in mind all supplies can be modified as desired.

White Pants

White pants are the first element of the costume idea. While trousers would work in a bind, the pockets and tailored shape will add too much distraction to your costume. Try to opt for comfortable white fleece or cotton sweatpants. To keep the line flowing, pair your pants with white athletic socks and shoes.

White Sweatshirt or Tunic

Once you've layered the bottom half, you'll want to construct your top half. Start with a white sweatshirt, cotton tunic or turtleneck. With a few large safety pins, affix three to four large black pompoms in a vertical line down the front of the shirt. Depending on the torso length, you may need more or less pompoms.

Red Scarf

You can't emulate Frosty without his classic cold weather accessories! A red cotton or wool scarf tied around your neck is essential. If you're in a bind, a long strip of red fleece will suffice for a scarf.

Red Nose

While Frosty is coined wearing a button nose, you'll want to shop for a clown nose that can easily be affixed to your own. You can paint the nose black if desired. In a quick fix, you can use black face paint rather than a pliable nose.

Top Hat

Finish off your Frosty the Snowman costume with his signature black top hat. You can purchase a classic hat or opt for a black top hat found at costume and accessory stores. Feel free to add an orange or yellow flower to the brim to add a welcome dose of cheer! If you're feeling the mood, you can even add a wooden pipe and a broomstick to your ensemble.

Go Solo or With Friends

While a Frosty costume is a wonderful choice for a solo costume idea, you can create a group costume theme by dressing your friends as Santa, Mrs. Claus and pairing them with a trio of whimsical elves!

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Frosty the Snow Man Costume