Fanta Girl Costumes

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Crazy and colorful, Fanta girl costumes are an outrageous blend of pop culture and risqué fashion. These girls are more than just an advertising icon, however: they have individual personalities that give new life to basic costumes.

About Fanta and the Fantanas

Fanta is a fruit-flavored soft drink first invented in Germany but later acquired by the Coca-Cola company that is now distributed all over the world in dozens of flavors. While the drink is most popular in Europe and South America, the clever advertising by the Fantanas - a fictional group of girls from Fanta Island - is raising the drink's popularity and appeal, particularly with younger consumers. Their trademark slogan, "Don't you wanta Fanta?" is heard in each commercial with trendy music and choreography that catches eyes, ears, and ultimately, taste buds.

The Fantanas are more than just basic models in a commercial, however. With the surprising cult appeal of the fictional group, the Coca-Cola Company has developed distinct characters for each one.

  • Kaia drinks strawberry Fanta and wears exclusively red. She loves fashion and designs clothes, but she also has a mischievous side and enjoys elaborate practical jokes.
  • Aime wears orange, which matches her preference for orange Fanta (also the most popular flavor world-wide). She is a swimming champion and enjoys many aquatic athletic pursuits.
  • Mimi is the yellow Fanta girl, who drinks the pineapple flavor. She is also a great scholar, particularly for mathematics, writing, and computer technology. Mimi also writes the lyrics to the various Fanta jingles.
  • Sophia enjoys grape Fanta and wears purple to prove it. She is the group's choreographer and loves all styles of dance, from ballet to hip-hop.

With such a range of personalities, it is not surprising that the Fantanas have become popular icons and role models for many girls, and Fanta costumes are a great way for girls to embody the image and flair of their favorite Fantana.

Creating Fanta Girl Costumes

Since they were introduced in 2002, the Fanta girls have actually had several different appearances, but the most popular images are the retro 1960s girls and today's modern party girls. Each variation has distinctive costumes that bring these fizzy drinks to life. Whichever option is used, however, the color is the key - Fanta costumes use bright, distinctive shades with no variation to distract from their association with particular flavors.

Retro 1960s Fanta Girls

The retro style Fanta girl costumes are reminiscent of 1960s go-go girl attire, with short skirts and knee-high white-spike heeled boots. The skirts should be snug to the thighs without flares or pleats, and they are highlighted by wide belts with rectangular white buckles. White stitching on the fabric (preferably a vinyl or similar texture for the characteristic shine) can add subtle details, and wide collars are a great indication of the retro fashion. Because the skirts are so short, matching hot pants or Lycra shorts are recommended for modesty.

Accessories for retro Fanta costumes are simple but extravagant. The boots are a necessity, and false eyelashes can accentuate the flirty nature of these corporate icons. Wide headbands in matching colors are also great details, and makeup should be similarly hued but understated. Hairstyles should be simple, and straight, shoulder-length hair with a flip at the ends will be instantly recognized.

Modern Fanta Girls


The modern Fanta girls have somewhat different costumes than their retro counterparts, though their ebullient personalities remain the same. The modern girls forgo the knee-high boots in favor of strappy wedge sandals. The orange and grape Fanta girls wear long low-rise pants instead of skirts, while the strawberry member of the group wears shorts. In keeping with their tropical nature, the girls may wear matching flowers in their long, flowing, wavy hair, and their dangling earrings add a bit of bling to their attire. Makeup is still understated, however, and should match the color of the outfit. Modern colors are still bright, but are not as vivacious as the retro shades.

Don't Forget the Soda

Regardless of whether you choose retro or modern Fanta girl costumes, a bottle of Fanta is an essential accessory. The soda flavor should naturally match the girl in question, and having additional soda to share is in keeping with the girls' fun-loving natures.

Buying Costumes Online

While Fanta costumes may be easy to make, working with vinyl fabrics and tight designs may not be for everyone. Online retailers offer basic costumes that can easily be accessorized for a delicious Fanta look. When searching, be sure to use alternative terms such as go-go costume and soda pop girl costume for the best results. The following costume shops carry different varieties of Fanta costumes:

Fanta girl costumes are fun way to show off a favorite soda, and they are a great option for group Halloween costumes as well as sexy costumes. With bright colors and even brighter personalities, these costumes are sure to stand out at any party.

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Fanta Girl Costumes