Easy to Make Halloween Costume Pictures

Easy to Make Halloween Costumes


The witch is a classic and easy to make Halloween costume. You need a black dress, a pointed hat and a broom. The witch is all about the attitude and occasionally the hat.

The ease of making the costume means a wide variety of witch costumes can be made.

The Black Cat


Another easy to make Halloween costunme is the black cat. All you need is a black shirt and pants, a tail and a pair of ears. You can add to the costume by using a little black make up to paint on whiskers. The cat and the witch are perfect partners for trick or treating!

The Bride


Dressing up as a bride can definitely add a different flavor to your Halloween. The costume is easy to make, a long white dress and even a veil and your little bride is ready to go.

The Ghost


The ghost is the easiest costume of all. You need a big white sheet and some strategically cut holes. You can make a fancier ghost with white makeup and wigs or you can go classic and old fashioned with a sheet.

The Princess


Your little girl can be a Princess with one visit to a local Disney store or a dressy dress. The costumes are easy to wear and make the daughter happy as a clam.

The Pumpkin

Pumpkins are fantastically easy to make and wonderful fun to boot. You just need some orange fabric and a little green for the stem. They are great costumes for toddlers, particularly if you get a body suit for the pumpkin and a hat for the stem. No masks needed.

The Soldier


Your young man at arms can be suited up in fatigues with a quick visit to the Army/Navy store, the Salvation Army or even the local Wal-Mart with some fatigues.

The Sailor


Sailors dress in standard whites, a loose tie and a hat. You can find combinations of this from your local Army Navy store and you can likely find a pattern easily enough as needed.

Good and Evil


The costume of an angel are easier still. You can create this effect with a simple white sheath or black sheath dress, feathered wings and halos or horns.

No matter what costume you are looking for at Halloween, sometimes the simple and the basic are the way to go!

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Easy to Make Halloween Costume Pictures