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Bunny ears for pooch

It can be fun to dress your dress your dog up for holidays like Halloween and Christmas, and if you want to bring the family pooch into the Easter festivities as well, there is little that is more appropriate and charming than a dog bunny costume. No matter what your dog's size, he or she will be the hit of an egg hunt or parade when dressed appropriately for the occasion.

The Simplest Dog Bunny Costume

Without question, the simplest way to get your dog in on the act for the day is with a pair of bunny ears. There are a variety of sizes of bunny ears for dogs - although not many colors, they are mostly only white or pink, as befits the Easter Bunny - and are lightweight and fairly secure. You can even make a pair yourself - if you are making some for your kids, why not make some for the dog too? In tough economic times, you may have some difficulty justifying a whole costume for the sake of a good laugh at your dog's expense, but ears won't set you back much at all and they are less likely to be damaged and so can be put to use again next year.

Shopping for Bunny Ears Costumes

Dog bunny ears are readily available. One fun place to shop online is Schafer Kennel. The company sells bunny ears in small, medium and large and specify the size, in pounds, of the dog each set will fit. In addition to white and pink, black ears are also available. The ears are made of fake fur with a satin lining and fasten under the chin with Velcro and elastic.

Full Bunny Costumes for Dogs

pooch in bunny ears

While ears are fun, many people want elaborate dog bunny costumes for their pooch. If that includes you, then one of these shops should have a costume that suits your needs.

PureCostumes has a bunny costume that consists of a fuzzy white hoodie that attaches around the dog's backside. The ears are on attached to the hood and are lined with pink satin fabric. The costume is available in sizes small through extra large.

BaxterBoo offers a pink satin bunny jacket with shearling-like trim. The pink ears are attached to the hood, and in addition to a large pom-pom tail, there are also three smaller white poms along the back. It is available in sizes 0 through 6, and you have to measure your dog and consult the chart provided to determine your dog's size.


If you're looking for something a little fluffier, carries a plush white bunny costume for dogs that is styled more like a body suit. The ears are part of the head pieces and are lined in pink, and there's a fuzzy tail on the rear. This costume is available in sizes small through extra large, and the page has a sizing reference tab for your convenience.

Dressing Up Your Dog

Before you get excited and order up or try to make a dog bunny costume, you must be sure your pet will wear it, otherwise it's a waste of time and money. Test the waters by guiding your dog into an old t-shirt or something similar. If he doesn't seem anxious or unhappy, you will probably be safe getting him a costume. Most dogs love the extra attention they receive when dressed up, but others are resistant and might chew the costume or go wild trying to shake it off. Whatever you do, don't leave your dog in the costume all day, especially if the weather is warm. The costume may interfere with his or her body's natural ability to keep cool and this could be dangerous.

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Dog Bunny Costume