Dance Recital Costumes

recital costumes

You've studied and practiced and rehearsed till you've dropped and it's all about to be worth it, but you still need great dance recital costumes for maximum impact. Obviously, your talent and ability matter the most, but you do still need a flattering and comfortable outfit. The selection is vast, so allow yourself plenty of time for shopping.

Choosing Dance Recital Costumes

What you wear will of course depend on your age, the venue and whether you are dancing solo or as part of a group. The main thing is to be age- and theme-appropriate. You want to look good, but your costume should complement your look and style of dancing, not overwhelm it or be distracting. Less is always going to be more, so be sure and consult with your teacher, parents, friends and whomever else whose opinions you trust to help you select a costume that is effective.

Likewise, for parents, you should try to resist the instinct to dress your children in dance recital costumes that are either overly fussy or potentially racy. A dance recital is an opportunity for the kids to show off what they've been learning and get a taste of the thrill of performance, as well as the satisfaction of performing well. They should look their best, but the costume should still be tailored to their age, style and personality. An appropriate costume will allow that personality to shine, along with the talent.

Buy Dance Recital Costumes Online

While this is one outfit that must fit perfectly before the big day, there's nothing to say you can't buy it online. You just need to plan ahead so that if it doesn't end up being what you'd hoped, you have time to return or exchange it. When buying a dance recital costume online, it's best to have a few costumes in mind. One of them is guaranteed to be exactly right.

There are a lot of good purveyors of dance recital costumes online, so it's best to sort through and decide with whom you want to do business. Here are some good possibilities:

  • Curtain Call Costumes: Purveyors of costumes for classes and performances, Curtain Call Costumes has an enormous selection of dancewear from which to choose. Their costumes are divided into the following categories: Kids; Jazz & Tap; Lyric; Classical Ballet; Prima Ensemble Ballet; Men; Holiday; Character; Basics; Accessories.
  • Kelle Company: The selection at Kelle Company is limited to Jazz, Men, Kids, Lyrical and Accessories, but there is a wide range of choices within each field. The kids' costumes tend to be on the glitzy side, but if that is the desired style, then these will do just fine. They are very effective for group work.
  • Art Stone Costumes: The emphasis at Art Stone is on ballet and jazz, with dozens of tutus, but they also have an array of fun costumes for kids and good choices for group work and hip-hop performances.

Catalog Costumes Only

Many of the best costume purveyors are still doing their business via catalogs, rather than having Web sites. One can assume this will gradually change, but in the meantime, if you don't mind ordering a catalog, you should look at the one from Wolff Fording & Company. They have been making and selling costumes for dance since 1893, so they are clearly doing something right. The Web site does allow you to view some of their wares, which include a range of very attractive, well-made costumes for children and adults in sizes ranging from small to extra-large.

Making Your Own Recital Costumes

Sometimes the best look is the one you devise for yourself. A simple leotard and tights can be easily accessorized with a few pieces of chiffon, a lace shawl or even some vintage ties. Craft shops sell a wide range of fabric flowers and foliage, which are lovely for head pieces and trim. You can even use fabric paint to create a unique design. When it comes to creating a costume to suit your style, there should be absolutely no limits.

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Dance Recital Costumes