Creative Costume Ideas

Dress the group in style!

Need some costume inspiration? The family based team at Costumes Incorporated shared their tips and ideas for quality and original costumes. With over 20 years in the costume business and a booming Internet retail site, the crew at Costumes Inc. set aside their best advice for creating a memorable look, even on a shoestring budget!

Could you share some of your favorite creative costume ideas?

CC: I'm a big fan of the 20's and I love the costumes and accessories for that era. It's a wonderful choice for both men and women. It's easy to get into character and you can make yours unique by choosing wigs, boas and shoes for the ladies. And what guy can resist the whole Al Capone, debonair bad guy aura. You can set your party in Chicago, Hollywood or Las Vegas and have tons of fun with reenactments.

What props or accessories make good investments when building a costume wardrobe?

CC:Top of the list has to be wigs. Hairstyles are a major part in giving a costume authenticity. Lots of people can't place a costume in an era but put a wig on someone and they almost always know when it was in style. Hats are also a staple. But wigs are where you want to spend that little bit extra so they will last and look natural.

For the budget minded, what creative costume ideas are unique for children?

CC: Think your grandma's trunk. The most fun for kids is letting them use their imagination so rather then spending money on one or two costumes put together a bunch of accessories. The kids will have more fun with a trunk full of hats, scarves, wigs, swords, guns and jewelry, making up their own games then with a couple of costumes. And the accessories can be used again and again in different combinations.

What's the trick to applying costume makeup? Is it best to spend more money to get a quality product?

CC: Quality really does count in make-up. If you want it to last more then an hour you need to use setting powder and make sure the one you pick doesn't come off when you sweat. The majority of make-up we sell is Mehron. It's great quality for the price and is a well known name in the industry.

What future trends do you see in costumes?

CC: Rentals are going the way of the dinosaur. It's now possible to buy a costume in the $80 to $200 dollar range that is as good quality as most rental costumes. With more adults each year throwing parties many people are picking a costume for multiple wearing so it makes sense to purchase it rather then pay the rental fees.

We are also seeing some pretty costume design including costumes inspired from popular culture like video games. For instance this year we saw costumes based on the hugely popular World Of Warcraft series. Another trend to look out for is the re-imagining of costumes from popular movies and TV shows. For instance this year we saw new and funky versions of women's costumes from the Jetsons and Star Wars.

What are a few group themed creative costume ideas?

CC: The 50's, 60's and 70's are always popular but for women ,sexy is the way to go. Lots of college age girls are going out in groups of 3, 4 or 5, and will go as a theme. Sexy superheroes, fairytale or Disney characters, and Women in Uniform are all popular because each person's costume is unique, yet they are still part of a group.

Any suggestions for storing costumes while out of season?

CC: Costuming is like clothing, store it in a clean dry place. For your higher end costumes bag them and store away from light.

Thanks so much for sharing your professional costume tips with our readers!

CC: It was my pleasure.

Creative Costume Ideas