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Cosplay is a very unique form of Japanese costume dressing.

Unlike traditional Eastern Asian cultural costumes, Cosplay gets its inspiration from Japanese comic books, video games, graphic novels, anime or manga.

The unique subculture of Cosplayers often wear their head to toe garb to reenact scenes and behavior patterns associated with specific Cosplay characters and superheros. Cosplay galleries can be a great source of inspiration!

Three cheers!

This costume is quite similar to a Western cheerleader uniform!

Reinvent your style!

Vibrant wigs and knee high boots help create a new identity.

What's your weapon?

Traditional superhero manga costume!

Go for a gutsy tophat!

A large hat and pants make this costume unique!

Opt for wild colors!

Wild hair helps create an anime look!

Looking for a little Lolita?

Platforms and knee highs are popular with the Lolita crowd!

Get creative!

If you even run out of ideas, make up your own costume or character and get creative! Cosplay is an expression of personality!

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Cosplay Galleries