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A cute option for a unique Halloween or Christmas costume is a Dr. Seuss Cindy Lou Who costume.

Who is Cindy Lou Who?

Dr. Seuss has long been a giant in children's literature. His whimsical, highly creative works have been beloved for generations, and many people quickly recall Cindy Lou Who from the classic book "How the Grinch Stole Christmas," written in 1953. Several years later, a cartoon version stamped the Grinch and Whoville into memory. Although modeled after Dr. Seuss' original character (albeit an older version) it's the live action feature film of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" produced in 1999 that inspired costumes based on the adorable Cindy Lou Who.

Cindy Lou Who is a member of the Who family who is young, innocent, and is willing to take a chance on the hard-hearted Grinch. Virtually the only member of Whoville with the Christmas spirit intact, Cindy Lou plays a key role in bringing the true meaning of Christmas back to the town.

Given the wonderful story, original-looking Who characters, and the fact that Taylor Momsen, who plays Cindy Lou in the live-action adaptation, is simply adorable, and it's no wonder little girls might choose to dress up as little Cindy Lou.

Creating a Cindy Lou Who Costume

The Look

Cindy Lou Who has a distinctive look, characterized by a towering hairdo replete with bows, long eyelashes, large teeth, and a button nose. Despite the popularity of the movie, most retailers unfortunately do not carry Cindy Lou Who costumes for purchase. With a little ingenuity (and perhaps a studying the character's appearance in the movie), making costumes based on Cindy Lou can be achieved.

The Face

For the costume, false eyelashes can make Cindy Lou's eyes, or for younger girls simply draw long eyelashes up onto the outward corners of the eyes with dark brown or black eyeliner. A touch of red lipstick and pink blush can complete the face.

The Hair

Cindy Lou hairdos really make the costume. They can be recreated with the help of some high-powered hairspray, plenty of accessories, and a few clip-on extensions for the braids and curls around the face.

Since replicating the height of Cindy Lou's hair can be difficult with a child's natural hair, another option is an inexpensive wig. The bottom portion of the wig can be braided and then looped around and secured, and to make Cindy Lou's high updo the upper portion of the hair can be shaped around a foam or cardboard cone and secured with thin wire underneath.

The Clothing

For the Cindy Lou outfit, girls can mimic the character's look from the movie with:

  • A back and white checkered dress
  • A red velvet cape with hood and faux white fur trim
  • Red tights
  • Black dress shoes
  • Red ribbon for the hairdo

Baby Cindy Lou Who Outfits

Infants and toddlers can dress as the younger Cindy Lou who appeared in the book and early animated feature. Create the a young girl's or infant's costume simply by dressing the little girl in a pink nightgown or footie pajamas and putting on a Cindy Lou headband.

Cindy Lou Adult Costumes

For fans of Dr. Seuss or the Grinch, a Cindy Lou costume is a very unique and fun option for an adult Halloween costume. Men and women looking for a one-of-a-kind couples costume may choose to dress-up as the Grinch and Cindy Lou. For an adult woman looking for a Cindy Lou costume, select costume rental retailers, such as Dotsey's Costume Shop, which offers adult-sized Cindy Lou Who wigs and outfits.

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