Cinco de Mayo Costume Pictures

Cinco de Mayo Costumes

Are you looking for inspiration for Cinco de Mayo costumes? There are many choices when you are looking for appropriate attire for a Cinco de Mayo parade or a festive party!

Fun Sombrero and Poncho

Get in the spirit of Cinco de Mayo by wearing a festive sombrero and colorful striped poncho.

Casual Cinco de Mayo Idea

If you're going out with a group of friends to celebrate Cinco de Mayo but you're not attending an actual costume party, consider coordinating your attire so that you are your friends are wearing clothing that reflects the colors in the Mexican flag.

Aztec Headdress

If you're looking for an elaborate costume for a Cinco de Mayo celebration, you may want to consider wearing a colorful Aztec headdress.

Mexican Dance Costume

A colorful Mexican dance costume is a great option if you are looking for an authentic national costume to wear for any type of Cinco de Mayo celebration.

Mariachi Musician Costume

If you're attending a Cinco de Mayo dress up event, you may want to dress up as a member of a mariachi band. If you accessorize with a musical instrument -- and you can actually play –you're sure to be the hit of the party.

Accessorize with Maracas

A set of maracas can be a terrific accessory for any Cinco de Mayo costume and celebration, especially when paired with a fun sombrero or mariachi costume.

More Accessory Ideas

No matter what style of costume you decide to wear, remember to embellish your outfit with appropriate accessories. Whether you are going for a traditional Mexican costume or a whimsical, casual look, there are plenty of terrific accessory options available.

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Cinco de Mayo Costume Pictures