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Animal Costumes for Christmas Pageants

If sleigh bells are ringing and the kids are working on their wish lists, it's time to bring out the Christmas pageant costumes. Whether you're dressing up your wee ones for the annual family photograph or digging up outfits for the school play, you'll find a wide selection of costumes to fit children of every age. It's just a matter of knowing where to search!

Perfect Christmas Pageant Costumes

What makes a Christmas pageant memorable? Ask anyone who's been to a performance and they'll likely recall the clothes and accessories that made the entire thing so realistic. If your children are taking part in a holiday pageant or you're planning to dress them up for a holiday card, you're in luck! There are many Christmas pageant costumes available at online boutiques and in retail stores in just about every market.


The perfect costume requires the right accessories to give the event an authentic feel. Make the most of your child's outfit with a few of these choices.

  • Roman sandals for children are the ideal finishing touch for a little wise man or shepherd. These sandals feature comfortable (and highly authentic) ties for a secure fit, as well as non-slip soles to ensure your child won't slip on stage!
  • You can't forget a shepherd's crook! A plastic version can be a perfect addition to any child's pageant costume. At 68 inches, it's just the right size and boasts a traditional look that is safe for youngsters to use.
  • The ideal wise man costume features a wig, mustache and beard to complete the look. This black biblical wig and beard set is just the thing you'll need to ensure your little wise man truly looks the part. Note that the wig and beard may require trimming in order to fit the child comfortably and naturally.
  • A Moses costume might benefit from this gray wig and beard set. Just like the biblical wise man wig, this may also require a slight trim in order to best fit the child.
  • A nativity hat, such as this blue version, is the perfect accessory to complete a Mary or shepherd costume. Constructed of felt and polyester, it's comfortable and requires little effort to position properly.
  • A brown nativity hat is also an excellent choice for a little shepherd. This version is constructed of cotton and slips on easily.


What's a pageant without a great set of costumes? These selections are affordable and authentic!

  • A basic gown, such as this dark blue version, is a great starting point. Also available in red and purple, it's appropriate for a child sizes 12-14.
  • A smaller size is available in this light blue version. Fitting child sizes 7-10, this gown is constructed of polyester and is just the thing for a little Mary costume.
  • Dress Joseph up in this complete costume set. It includes a dark brown, full-length tunic and a shorter, light brown vest to wear on top.
  • Consider this sweet angel costume for your child. The sheer sleeves of the dress authenticate the look, as do the included halo and waist sash. The wings are not included, but you can purchase a pair of wings here.

DIY Costumes

No every great pageant costume comes from a store. Make like a budding fashion designer and create your own attire for these events! Most costumes for Christmas pageants are easily made with a few simple household items that you may already own. Consider trying one of the following ideas:

  • Use a white dress or nightgown to best capture the look of an angel, or cut a neck hole and armholes in a white pillowcase.
  • The pillowcase trick works for a king costume, too. Just be sure to use a bolder shade for this costume. A rich blue, purple or red is ideal.
  • A quick and easy shepherd costume calls for a terry cloth bathrobe tied at the waist. Use a scarf or small towel in a complementary color for the headscarf.
  • Simple sandals or thongs can be used in lieu of pageant-specific shoes. Colors such as light and dark brown work well.
  • Dress a little lamb up in flannel pajamas with tufts of cotton glued on for a soft, fuzzy effect!

Adult Costumes

Of course, these costumes aren't just for kids! A vast selection of adult pageant costumes are also available, most in styles similar to the children's versions. You'll find those and other pageant costumes at your local costume and party stores, as well as online at the following boutiques:

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Christmas Pageant Costumes