Christmas Elf Costumes

Elf Costume

With the holidays nearing, you may be in need of Christmas elf costumes. Elves are Santa's little helpers and are often part of Christmas plays, pictures and parties.

Classic Christmas Elf Costumes

The classic Christmas elf is a dwarf like creature dressed in green with red, yellow and white accents. He may wear a pointy green hat and pointy green-toed slippers. Male elves often wear clothing similar to a Bavarian Swiss yodeler . This look is created with green tights or a green jacket over yellow stretch pants, which is similar to what Buddy the Elf wore in the Disney movie Elf. Female elves can dress in the same type of costume as a male elf, or in a sexy elf outfit with a miniskirt and low cut top.

Variations of the Christmas Elf

Be as creative as you want when dressing up in an elf costume. Elves don't always wear green, so think of other color variations such as red and white or gold and green. Women can dress up in sexy Christmas elf costumes by wearing a little green miniskirt and knee high black boots. Children can dress up as an elf wearing an adult sized green t-shirt with a belt around the waist.

Dog Elf Costume

Elf costumes are not just for people, but also for dogs. Check out this adorable elf dog costume from Amazon, which is available in small, medium and large sizes.

Making Your Own Elf Costume

Making an elf costume does not have to be labor intensive. If you have any combination of the following items at your disposal you can easily put together Christmas elf costumes.

  • Green tights
  • Green sweatshirt or t-shirt
  • Red and white striped t-shirt
  • Green elf hat or a Santa type-sleeping hat
  • Red or green miniskirt or shorts
  • Suspenders
  • Elf ears
  • Long green t-shirt with a big black belt worn over green tights
  • Slippers or small black boots

Sewing Elf Costumes

Sewing a simple elf costume is easy and fun. You can even involve your child in decorating the tunic. To make the costume you will need the following materials:

  • Two yards of green or red felt
  • Red or green satin rope
  • Fabric or hot glue
  • Measuring tape
  • Jingle bells

Assemble the elf costume as follows:

  1. Measure shoulders to approximately mid thigh
  2. Measure width at the shoulders
  3. Cut the large piece of felt to double the length and width of shoulders
  4. Fold it in half and cut a hole big enough for the head
  5. Slide tunic over your head to make sure it fits
  6. Make a belt from the satin rope and tie it around the waist
  7. Decorate and glue jingle bells along the bottom half of the tunic or along the collar

Tips and Accessories

Elf costumes are one of the easiest costumes to make during the holidays. Most people already own clothing that can be morphed into an elf's wardrobe. Add the following accessories to complete your elf outfit:

  • Pointy ears
  • A black belt with a large buckle
  • Jingle bell collar
  • Jingle bell necklace or bracelet
  • Elf tools including a small hammer
  • Mistletoe
  • A Christmas toy
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Christmas Elf Costumes