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Festive Christmas Costumes

Finding the perfect set of Christmas costumes can help add joy and excitement to the holiday season.

Christmas costumes are available in a variety of styles and sizes, making it easier than ever to bedeck the whole family in something festive, including the family pet. Take a look at these jolly dress-up ideas for a warm and festive holiday season and shop early for the best selection!

Wear a Sexy Santa Suit

For a romantic option during the holidays, consider donning a pin-up girl Santa costume. This racy suit is perfect for adding some joy to your relationship!

Light Up in a Tree Costume

Rather than wear a popular elf suit, children can dress as Christmas trees instead. This option goes perfect with a "gift" costume to create a wonderful pair.

Dress as an Elf!

An elf costume is a darling choice for children of all ages. Whether for school play or home enjoyment, this costume idea promises giggles.

Wear a Jolly Costume at Home

A Santa's helper costume is a great idea for the stay at home "homemaker." Imagine donning a pair of overalls and comfy socks while you bake Santa's cookies. Get creative and wear something jolly as you work.

Capture the Magic!

For those hoping to capture Santa's magical look, then only a full Santa costume will do. Costume rental stores offer full suits with beard, bells and boots included.

If you want to dress the whole family this season, be sure to check out our Group Costume Themes for more inspiration.

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Christmas Costumes Gallery